The Ultimate Guide to the Trendiest Boutiques In Toronto

By: Katia Galati 

In light of the bankruptcy of Forever 21 it is not the craziest idea to believe fast fashion is coming to an end. Without a place to find trendy and affordable clothes, Torontonians must prepare for a fashion armageddon where clothing hubs like Forever 21 may not be the one-stop-shop for very long. 

However, don’t press the panic button too soon because we have created the ultimate guide for the most stylish boutiques in Toronto that will spruce up your wardrobe and have you looking the best for every season.      

1. CREEPS - 363 Spadina Avenue

 1 person, standing(Facebook/ CREEPS)

If you’ve ever aspired to be an internet baddie but never knew where to find a trendy place to shop, CREEPS will give you the answer you have always been looking for. The entire boutique is reminiscent of a peak in a cool kids closet and will always provide you with the best and affordable urban pieces.

2. Kotn - 754 Queen Street West

 1 person, sitting and indoor(Facebook/Kotn)

By putting a twist on fashionable, high quality basics, Kotn has made their presence known on Queen Street West. Their brand focuses on everything minimal from women’s button-downs, to men's trousers and even home decor. The shop ensures that everything you purchase will be a staple with indefinite quality. 

3. Livestock - 116 Spadina Avenue, Unit G1

 shoes(Facebook/ Livestock)

Livestock is a hypebeast apparel and premium sneaker shop that opened up their first shop in Vancouver before taking over the streets of Toronto. The boutique features rare clothing from streetwear brands such as Adidas, Reebok and Nike that are impossible to find in retail stores. As for shoes, Livestock is a sneakerheads heaven where you can find collectable footwear as well as interesting spins on everyday shoes.  

4. Victorie - 129A Ossington Avenue

 1 person, sitting, shoes and indoor(Facebook/ Victoire)

If you are more into a relaxed, bohemian, Stevie Nicks vibe, Victorie is the perfect place to shop, serving you flowy and beachy looks. The boutique has already earned a cult following through their collection of sundresses and offset outlook on fashion which features mainly Canadian designers. 

5. John Fluevog Shoes - 4 Trinity Street

 1 person, shoes(Facebook/ John Fluevog Shoes)

With an Alice in Wonderland feel, this footwear boutique welcomes you into their rabbit hole where you can snap pictures of their must-see sales floor. The shoes, which are designed by John Fluevog himself, displays a victorian style with a funky edge that will definitely be a prized item in your closet.