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The Ultimate Fall Skincare Guide

By: Elizabeth Chokler

Fall is a season of change. The leaves change colours, everything gets spooky, and the hot, humid air turns crisp and cool. It’s the time of wardrobe and makeup upgrades, but it’s also time to adjust your skincare routine. During the summer our focus is on oil control and sun protection, but as the weather changes it’s time to think about fighting dryness and maintaining a healthy glow. Here is my complete guide on how to update your skincare routine for your best skin this fall!


Change your cleanser

Humidity and sweat in the summer called for harder-working, clarifying cleansers that cut through the oil. You may find that your summertime cleansers are too harsh for the crisp, dry air of fall. Instead, look for a gentle, creamy moisturizing cleanser that doesn’t foam.


Change your toner

Toner is the (optional) second step of a cleansing routine. It removes anything that your cleanser missed and may bring some extra benefits that your cleanser doesn’t provide. When choosing a toner, be sure to avoid alcohol-based ones as alcohol is really drying to the skin. Pick one that soothes and hydrates your skin instead.

Upgrade your moisturizer

In the summer it’s best to use a lightweight, oil-based moisturizer to balance your skin without weighing it down or clogging your pores. In the fall you may find that your summer moisturizer isn’t enough to fight against colder, windy days, space heaters, and dryer air. Skin also naturally produces less oil in the fall and winter. This all means it’s time to switch out your summer moisturizer to a heavier, creamy one that targets dryness.

If you’re like me and have really oily skin, you might be able to get away with sticking to your summer moisturizer in the day time and using a heavier cream overnight.

Exfoliate Differently

The scrub you were using regularly during the summer may be too harsh for your skin as it gets drier, but it doesn’t mean you should stop exfoliating. Switch out your summertime scrub for a gentler peel once a week to fight dullness and keep your skin soft and smooth without irritating it.


Bring out the hydrating masks

If you feel like your new moisturizer is still not enough against the new fall dryness, or you’ve been using purifying clay masks over the summer that suddenly make your skin feel tight and dry, incorporate a hydrating mask into your routine.

Don’t abandon your sunscreen!

Even though we speak most about sun protection in the summer when the sun is the strongest and we spend the most time in it, it doesn’t mean the sun stops being dangerous once the temperature drops. Your best bet against sun damage is to wear sunscreen every day, even when it’s cloudy, especially if you’re pale.

Remember the rest of your body

The skin on your face isn’t the only sufferer of the changing seasons. We spend a lot of time and many products on your faces to keep them looking and feeling great, but what about the rest of our bodies? Be sure to give your body some love this fall with a moisturizing shower gel or after-shower body butters or lotions.

Also, try to avoid using hot or cold water, as both extremes can leave your skin dry and irritated.


…including your hands and lips

I keep a hand cream on me at all times in the fall and winter months to keep them from getting dry. Since hands are pretty much always exposed to the cold, dry air, they take a lot of damage. And washing them frequently with drying soaps doesn’t help at all.

During this time I also never leave the house without lip balm to prevent them from getting all dry and chapped. If your lips get particularly dry, try a sugar lip scrub or a lip mask! Bite Beauty makes amazing products to repair and hydrate your lips so you’ll never have to suffer from chapped lips again.


The final, most important thing you can do to be kind to your skin is keep your body hydrated. Drink plenty of water, especially after drinking alcohol, and your skin will thank you.


Elizabeth is an English Major at Ryerson University. She's a lover of tea, otters, and the colour yellow. Elizabeth is currently adapting her lifestyle to be better for the environment and sharing tips she's learning along the way.
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