Top 5 Things to Spring Clean This Season


With the official arrival of spring (need I say finally?) comes warmer weather, and it’s time that we all come out of our own winter hibernations. Out of parkas and snow boots, out of bonding over hot cocoa; spring provides a break in the clouds to sunnier days and is just a pitstop on the way to summer.

Spring cleaning is a chance to rejuvenate after what seems like years of minus 30 degree weather. The frigid chill no longer keeping us captive in our apartments, now is the perfect time to get rid of some clutter both externally and internally.

1. Our Closets

After months of bundling up, it’s finally time to embrace denim jackets and sneakers again (my personal favourites). That being said, our closets can get kind of full from clothes that we don’t even wear anymore. Go through your closets and dressers, ask yourself “do I even wear this anymore?” or “will I ever wear this again?” and go from there — the results will actually surprise you.

There are great places in Toronto to be able to donate your gently used clothes. Some examples are Salvation Army, Jessie’s Centre, Yonge Street Mission Double Take, Kind Exchange, and Covenant House.

2.  Our Email Inboxes

Throughout the winter we can get lost in our own ruts of procrastination, laziness, or just loss of motivation…to do anything. With the arrival of warmer weather, take this as an opportunity to look at the small details of our lives and clean things up a bit: like our email inboxes. Going through these emails can be tedious, but finally conquering the 300 unread emails in your inbox is so fulfilling. Unsubscribing from unwanted emails as well will keep your inbox uncluttered, leaving the important emails where you can see them.

3. Our Negativities

I know that I get into a rut when the weather forces me to bundle up in layers, and this oftentimes has me looking on the more negative sides of things. But good news for those like me, spring is here and it’s time to declutter those negative thoughts! Spring is now the time where we can go on a walk to clear our heads and not freeze from the wind. Allow yourself to embrace the warmer weather, the time to hide away in our room under blankets is over and we can now enjoy our ice-cream rather than ignore the fact we’re eating icy treats in minus 30 degree weather.

4. Our Cleaning Supplies

For those of you that live on your own, our apartments/houses can get pretty cluttered, especially in places that people don’t see. I’m talking underneath our bathroom counters, kitchen sinks, broom closets, etc. Half the time these crevices are filled with old cleaning supplies we’ll never actually use but hold onto in precaution of that one time we need to lather our rooms in soap. Throw out old bottles, the almost empty bottles, the uncapped bottles; just get rid of it. Not only will it declutter, but it will also give you possibly more storage for other things around your house.

5. Our To-Do Lists

You know those things you keep a mental list of in the back of your mind at all times? Of things you should do but have literally waited weeks to do them? Now is the time. With the fresh start that Spring brings, it’s a perfect opportunity to just get those pesky reminders finally done. Cash the cheques, meet up with that old friend; do the things that you’ve been meaning to do all winter but just haven’t. It’ll be rewarding in the end to get those things off your back.