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The Top 5 Most Underrated Cartoons

In the realm of cartoons, there are no Do’s and Don’ts; watch whatever tickles your fancy. However, a snobby cartoon intellect like me will always be in the bushes… watching… and secretly judging your taste. If any of your top ten consists of Adventure Time, Regular Show, Family Guy, American Dad, or Spongebob. I’m sorry, I will tell you that, YA BASIC! 

Basically, this is a guide on how to spiral down the cartoon rabbit hole with poise: 

So without further ado, lemme put you guys on:

 Over the Garden Wall

If cartoons were gems, this would be the rarest. Over the Garden Wall has been my favourite cartoon of all time for the past (almost) decade. In the last seven years, a lot of new content has come out, so for something to still stand out like this, it really has to make an impact. I’m giddy just thinking about this show. It not only features the most adorable character design but also brings a philosophically rich and mind-blowing story to the table. Go check it out. 

Bee and PuppyCat

If you were also 13 and watched the Bee and PuppyCat pilot episode on Youtube and thought it was the coolest most clever concept ever, I love you. Because my simple mind works exactly like yours, all it hears most of the time is Animal Crossing villager noises. Bee and PuppyCat is a unique series that encapsulates the best parts of animation: the ability to bend sensical things in ways live action cannot as well as a cute pastel colour scheme! The entire first season can easily be found on Youtube, so there really should be nothing stopping you from watching it in one sitting. Now, go! Do it!

Solar Opposites

The only show preventing me from listing Rick and Morty on this list was Solar Opposites. I hate to admit that I’m an avid Rick and Morty fan because people (including myself) are tired of hearing how good it is, so let’s change that and shed some light on another Justin Roiland series. Solar Opposites came out on Hulu just last year and blew me away. The first season left me wanting a hundred more hours of binge-worthy content. This cartoon features incredible side plots that almost steal my attention away from the main show. I don’t wanna spoil anything, but they basically created a lovechild of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and “Lord of the Flies”, and that’s just one of the side stories. ​

Midnight Gospel

A tab of acid in the form of a show. That’s it, that’s the tweet for Midnight Gospel. 

The amount of vagina and penile-shaped things in this series will make you question if they’re actually there or you just have a dirty mind. Do you see the gif below? Like, come on! Anywho, still a very profound yet bright and entertaining cartoon. It’s on Netflix!

Mr. Pickles

My all-time favourite go-to comfort cartoon. If you’ve seen it, then you’ll think it’s an odd pick for a comfort show, but something about Mr. Pickles just soothes the soul. I do have to put a trigger warning before you decide to dive in as there is a lot of blood and gore in this Adult Swim epic. Essentially, it’s about a sentient satanic dog, but the innocence of the characters around him allows for a type of contradicting and comedic dynamic to transpire, creating a very special type of cartoon. ​

That’s all for today, enjoy!

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