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Thrifting: a Reminder to be Sustainable in a TikTok-paced World

For those who don’t have TikTok, clothing hauls are the newest trend circulating the app. These favoured clips showcase content creators revealing an array of clothing items that they purchased from fast-fashion companies. This trend creates a need for faster production from fashion companies who attempt to keep up with these quick but popular trends. The desire to purchase new clothing has been overshadowed by TikTok hauls and is driving people away from the importance of thrifting, along with all of the important information surrounding sustainability on the internet.

Gaia Rattazzi (@ssustainably_) a sustainable fashion content creator, shares with her almost 60 thousand Instagram followers about the different ways they can live more sustainably when it comes to fashion. Rattazzi has seen a wider interest in thrifting over the years, claiming that “[she] thinks it’s because influencers are promoting it,” and that, “[thrifting] allows you to be really creative with your style, with the way you dress, and be unique as well.”

Using aesthetically pleasing posts and videos, Rattazzi teaches her followers about the essentials and joy of sustainability as well as the negative aspects of fast fashion and how to stay away from it.

Rattazzi explains that the trends in fashion we obsess over are not so creative and are damaging, to not only the world, but ourselves by referencing the Y2K movement. She says, “[the trend is] all old clothes” adding that, “there’s so many trends. Like how can you keep up with all of them? It’s impossible. You end up being really burnt out.”

Recreating a look or finding your unique taste is much more fun and better when thrifting. With a massive selection of different items to choose from, it makes only one thing difficult: having enough money to spend.

Not only is it fun to think about what a garment went through before it got into your hands, but it feels good knowing that it’s bettering the planet. Thrifting may not be the ideal choice for everyone, but Rattazzi reminds us that it doesn’t mean there should be a lack of awareness when shopping. She comments, “I think we need to re-evaluate our shopping habits and how we care for clothes and how we treat them.”

The interest in sustainability and recycling used clothing has encouraged people to support their local thrift stores or purchase from small businesses if they are not into the idea of wearing second-hand clothing.

We, as consumers, must take a step back and recognize the damage that these fast-fashion companies are causing to the world and do our part when shopping for the next valuable item in our closet.

Gabriela is a fourth-year Journalism student at Ryerson University hoping to explore her love of fashion and beauty through her writing. When she isn't writing, she's either reading a new book she'll be obsessed with until it's finished, finding new music to listen to, or re-watching her favourite shows.
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