Thinx Underwear: Your period's new best friend

Being a commuter student, I find that my time is split between being on the train and being on campus. There really isn’t time to be fretting about whether or not I’m leaking or in desperate need of changing my pad even though you have class in 2 minutes. Behold, period underwear!

Thinx Underwear was founded by entrepreneur Miki Agrawal, in January 2014 with the help of her twin sister Radha, and friend Antonia Dunbar because they were tired of leaking through all their “cute underwear,” as Agrawal said in an interview with fellow entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso. When Agrawal was doing research for the brand, shefound over thousands of girls don’t go to school because of their “week of shame”, so Agrawal decided to put an end to that shame for women all over the world. 

With a pair of Thinx Underwear, there is no need for you to even worry about your period juice getting anywhere! The underwear is lined in layers of cotton, each layer of the underwear designed in an ethical manner that are ultra-absorbent and leak-proof, preventing you from bleeding anywhere other than in the underwear (a.k.a no wetness and no stained clothing!)

The layers of Thinx Underwear. (Source: Pinterest) 

Available in either nude or black, each pair of underwear has a specific day that it’s for. On your heaviest days it’s recommended to wear the Hiphugger, on medium days sport the Sport (see what I did there?) and on light days, try the Cheeky. If you're feeling uncomfortable, you can wear a tampon or diva cup for extra coverage. As Thinx says, you know your flow better than anyone else.

Although the underwears range from $24-$39, and seem pricey at first, they are worth the investment.  The underwears are endlessly hand-washable, and will last as long as your period does, because once the underwear is washed, it’s practically good as new. What makes these better than tampons and pads is that they are not a one use product. 


Thinx Underwear is the perfect addition to your cycle.  Whether I’m sitting on the train or in a lecture, I feel no discomfort or wetness, which makes being on my period so much more tolerable. In this transition, I have never felt so much closer to my period, and I'm more conscious of what my body is discarding. 

But, if you’re STILL feeling a bit skeptical, check out Thinx’s FAQ for the full details on the underwear. (Trust me, you’ll be converted.)