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The Galentine Car Ride Playlist to Epitomize Female Bonds

I cherish all the car rides with my high school best friends where we blast our favourite songs and sing along, bonding over the tunes and memories. If you need recommendations this Galentine’s Day to cheer you and your girls up, here’s a playlist of 10 inspirational songs that never fail to raise my spirits.

“salute” – little mix

Little Mix is one of the girl groups I listen to the most and their song “Salute” is my favourite. I first came across it during the Little movie trailer and became obsessed. Every time I listen to this song, it elevates my adrenaline and puts me in awe of the dynamic unity that women embody.

“dancing queen” – abba

Back in high school, a fond memory of mine was the music banquet as a music student. I still remember everyone jamming to this together when it came on. I love to dance with my friends, and when we meet up, we release our inner “dancing queen.” Bring out this classic during a girl’s night and appreciate the Galentine energy. 


Especially on Galentine’s Day, we can’t overlook this iconic song. During school dances, this song would play and I would invest extra enthusiasm dancing as a single person. This is a song to rejoice in your non-romantic relationships. 


Apart from falling in love with the movie, Zootopia introduced me to a new jam: “Try Everything.” The line, “birds don’t just fly, they fall down and get up” is a reminder to encourage your Galentines through all of their obstacles and pursuits. My best friends support me when I deal with my mental health struggles and also root for me when I carry out my passions, be it writing or music. 


Instagram reels incorporating celebrities donning outfits that matched certain colours are how I first heard this song. Be sure to check out the wholesome music video. While this may be a love song, I would dedicate it to my Galentines. When Stella Jang sings “What’s your color? I wanna know,” it reminds me of how eager I am to uncover more about my friends’ qualities. As Jang delves into the various colours she can portray, it shows me that, in friendships, we take on multiple roles depending on what our friends rely on in certain scenarios. 


Hailee Steinfeld is my favourite singer, and I continuously listen to “Most Girls” for motivation. I admire how Hailee highlights contrasting lifestyles women have but connects them all as essential to womanhood. I’ve come across a lot of posts over the years emphasizing how “you’re just not like most girls” is not praise and I love its moral. After this song, my aspiring motto and affirmation are, “‘cause you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen.” 


I heard this song for the first time when actress Emily Deschanel covered it with her gorgeous vocals in the show Bones. The title of the song says it all, but with the restrictions women are traditionally assigned by society, we need to remember that women are also entitled to revel. On a girl’s night out, dress up like Cyndi in the music video and groove as you head out to your destination. 


I’ve been a fan of Vidya Vox’s since I first began watching her mashup covers combining English songs with either Tamil or Hindi songs. Her original song “Butterfly” is beautiful and teaches us to embrace how we transform along our individual paths. The journey to aim for our ideal selves is terrifying, and we’re encouraged to stand by our Galentines as they mould their futures and value the friends who do the same for us.

“true friend” -hannah montana

For those of you whose childhood was encompassed by Hannah Montana, this memorable song is quintessential in a Galentine playlist. “True Friend” personifies the wishes we expect from a best friend— for example, someone who is aware of our shifting moods. This song magnifies my adoration for my best friends.


When we’re commending the amazing women in our lives, how can we not bring in Lizzo? “Good as Hell” is the perfect track to play during car rides with your besties. If you haven’t been cherishing your spirit, the lyrics can hype up your attitude toward yourself. Tune in to Lizzo as you take a trip with your gals.

Subhanghi Anandarajah, who also goes by Subi, is a final-year student at X University pursuing journalism and a huge Disney fan. Not a day has ever gone by without her reading, and her mind is always filled with visions for stories she hopes to recount. Becoming an author is one of her aspirations. Social justice issues are what she plans to focus on in future writing.
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