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How To Survive the Winter Blues Until Spring

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It’s that time of year again… the days feel slower, the weather is getting gloomier, and your to-do list is only getting longer. Welcome to March.

After the excitement of Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, I always find myself in the middle of March wondering what is left to look forward to. There are no major holidays and it feels like warmer weather will never come back to us. When life starts to feel like an endless abyss of emptiness, it’s hard to remember that spring is less than 31 days away.

But we can’t spend all this time moping around! Here are my top tips to make it through the last month of winter:

1. Soak up that sun

Even though sunny days are rare during a Canadian winter, they do occasionally make an appearance. When you wake up to a bright sky, do yourself a favour and soak it in! Take a walk or sit by the window and make sure to wear your SPF while you get some Vitamin D.

2. Summer vibes = good vibes

Nothing is stopping you from recreating your favourite summer vibes indoors! Make a playlist with your favourite summer songs, recreate your favourite summer drink, turn up the heat in your house, and eat popsicles in your favourite summer dress… Hot Girl Summer is not just a season, it is a state of mind.

3. Create your own holidays

Having little milestones on my calendar to look forward to always makes time move faster. Set up fun events with your friends and family to celebrate the small wins! You can also have themed nights and develop your own holidays to enjoy the winter while it’s here. Don’t forget to set a countdown on your phone to create some extra excitement!

During the winter, it can often feel like life is out of our control as we’re waiting for this season to end. Try out some of these tips and make the most out of the next month! Spring is almost here… 

Sahara Mehdi

Ryerson '23

Sahara Mehdi is a 19-year-old journalism student in her third year at Ryerson University. She fell in love with poetry five years ago and hasn’t stopped writing since. Sahara has been creating videos and other content under the alias “Miss Brainy” on YouTube since she was 15 years old. For more of her writing, you can find her @missbrainywrites on Instagram or @missbrainyblog.
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