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Summer Walker Dominates ‘Sad Girl Music’ With “Still Over It” Album

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There are a million reasons to appreciate the existence of music, especially as a universal language. For centuries, music of all genres has travelled across the globe, bringing people together to laugh, cry and bond over their favourite songs. With the ever-increasing popularity of social media, there is a stronger global community than ever before. Once in a while, when an artist drops a truly heart-touching album, its success is only confirmed when Twitter memes the heck out of every lyric on it. 

Such was the case with Still Over It, R&B artist Summer Walker’s sophomore album. Before the drop, Twitter users were holding their breath in anticipation of the chaos that would ensue on Nov. 5 – the album’s release date. One Twitter user jokingly threatened “soon as summer walker drop imma start an argument”

Ever since her first album Over It left fans stunned with its relatable lyrics and mellow R&B production and vocals, Summer earned herself a spot in everyone’s “sad girl music” playlist. She is known to take songwriting inspiration from her complex relationships that involved plenty of heartbreak and frustration but also healing and learning independence. For her fans, especially for young women also navigating through relationships, Summer is a symbol of vulnerability and catharsis. 

Summer continued her reign as an R&B icon with Still Over It, the album about her complicated relationship with producer London on da Track. The album is rich with confrontational lyrics about being mistreated by her ex. It is her lyricism that stands out as the most impressive aspect of the album as she fearlessly puts all of her frustration and sadness into her art. 

Some of these lyrics have also taken over TikTok where users can’t stop applauding Summer on the hilariously spiteful,  “I wanna start with your mama, she should’ve whooped your ass” lyrics. One TikTok user pointed out how she, “opened her album defending her man only to close the album with praying for a better one”, upon which many users praised her in the comments for coming “full circle” with her expression and storytelling. Upon simply searching the words “Summer Walker” on TikTok, the search page is flooded with users passionately debating about their favourite lyrics on the album

Most importantly though, Still Over It explores themes of betrayal, disloyalty, disrespect and refusing to tolerate such mistreatment. Through this, Summer puts into words the complex emotions that young women feel going through tough times in relationships. Her music symbolizes relatability and is charged with emotion, allowing any listener to feel an instant boost of self-confidence. No wonder the boyfriends of her fans seem to be fearing for their lives all over Twitter! 

To sum it up, Summer Walker and the whole “sad girl music” category serve a very uplifting purpose for young women. Beyond just offering them relatable and vulnerable lyrics, it helps women realize their self-worth and share their experiences with others like themselves on social media. This creates a ripple effect of empowerment, making music a language more universal than ever.

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