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Skin Care Tips for the Cool Season

Winter is coming and that means dry, red, itchy and flaky skin for the most of us.As someone with (really) sensitive skin, I have had my fair share of obstacles when it comes to keeping my skin fresh and healthy especially in the winter time. When it comes to wearing makeup, well-prepped skin is the utmost important thing if you want to have it apply smoothly without caking. 

I have created some really easy, affordable ways to drastically see improvements with your skin fast! No one should suffer just because they are unable to invest in (higher end) skin products 

Water is your best friend

Water intake is such an important part in a healthy body! It helps flush toxins, rejuvenate cells! I personally intake 3L of water a day due to my great height and my on-the-go lifestyle. Each person requires a different amount but a great way I use to find out what I need is… my height in inches be converted to ounces and then use that as my in take. Example, I am 5’9 1/2 aka 69.5 inches. Thus I should have 9 glasses of water a day. That’s around 2L. However, I choose to add more 

Use nature’s best ingredients 

Raw honey is an amazing, natural boost for moisture. While it gets quite frigid in much of the Northern Hemisphere, it is crucial to stay moisturized. Leaving it on for 20 minutes after applying it on dry skin will make your skin feel like new. Another great item is cucumbers. They are foods that are naturally cooling. I like to crush up slices of cucumber until it becomes a watery consistency. After that, I apply it to irritation prone areas for 10 minutes on slightly dampened skin and then remove.  

Cut the junk, up the good

Acne, zits and rashes are commonly caused by foods that typically irritate ones body. Example: Chocolate, spices, saturated fats. Cut them out entirely or severely decrease your intake. The less junk in our bodies, the less likely it is to be released spontaneously. 

Later this semester, I will be doing a full review and guide fornskin care products that really work. In the meantime, try some of the suggestions in here and create your own! Let us know on Twitter @HCRyerson how did it help you 

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