Six Reasons Why All-Nighters Are Bad For You

It's no surprise that all-nighters aren't good for your health or your academic career, but we all still do it. A study from St. Lawerence University concluded that students who frequently pulled all-nighters had lower grades in school.  But if that's not enough to convince you, here are six more reasons:

  1. Pulling all-nighters decreases your productivity
  2. Losing sleep decreases your mental sharpness needed to tackle your day's worth of work
  3. Sleep deprivation from all-nighters can decrease long-term learning and memorization
  4. People who pull all-nighters usually rely on caffeine and Adderall for energy, both of these are detrimental to your health when used improperly and/or excessively.
  5. Sleep deprivation often leads to overeating, and by extension, unwanted weight gain.
  6. Exhaustion can cause a weakened immune system, depression, and irritability.   

Make sure you get some shut eye, you owe it to yourself. How else are you going to take on the world?