Quarantine but Make it Fashion: 5 Risk-Free Social Distancing Activities

One of the best things about living in a big city like Toronto is that it feels like everyone is always making bold fashion choices. Bright colours, new hairstyles, all kinds of jewelry - nothing is off limits. But somehow I’m always falling back on old, faithful style techniques and can’t always work up the courage to try new things, so I just admire the things I love on other people. 

Being stuck at home isn’t ideal, but we now have a solid block of time to try out anything we’ve been wanting to, without risking the real world consequences. You can see how you feel walking around the house or on your grocery run with a different fashion statement. Surprisingly, it’s a great tactic to see how you’ll feel about the look post-quarantine.

Here are some fashion trends you’ve probably been wanting to try out and now have no excuse not to:

  1. 1. Bangs 

    Okay, I know everyone says that if you want bangs, you must be going through something - but right now, we are all going through something. It’s hair and it grows back, so if you’ve been wondering how you would look with a fringe, now could be the time to try it out. 

    Watch plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to cut them just right; it’s all too easy to end up with nightmare-level, short, uneven bangs. But even if this happens, you’ll have the rest of quarantine for them to grow out, and nobody will know what they looked like when they were at their worst.

  2. 2. Hair colour

    The pharmacies are still open, which means the many shelves of box dye are all up for grabs. There are plenty of temporary options as well, if you’re afraid of too much damage or bleach like I am. From dip dyes, to spray-on streaks, to full blown colour-change, now is the time to try it out. Just be sure to do your research prior because some brands - especially when dying a bright red colour - are known to be extremely difficult to get out.

  3. 3. Fun hairstyles

    It’s obviously easy to try out a hairstyle anytime, but with less places to go, we have some more playtime with our hair. Have you ever wondered what you’d look like with a full head of tight curls but haven’t had the hours to sit around heating the individual strands? Now is the time!

    Space buns, for example, are an easy, cute look to make you feel bougie in your quarantine clothes: simply part your hair in the middle, create one high ponytail on each side of your head, and wrap into a secure bun by bobby-pinning the ends.

  4. 4. Nose rings

    I’ve wanted a nose piercing forever, but had no idea if it would look good on me. Since my nerves got the better of me and now all the piercing places are shut down, I decided to make my own. Just take a paperclip, curl it around a normal-sized pencil, and cut one of the curled pieces off with strong scissors. Then, adjust the ring to the shape of your nose. I swear it works, and looks amazing. It’s an awesome trial if you haven’t been ready to commit to one, but want to wear one around and see how you feel.

  5. 5. Bright makeup looks

    Whether it’s a pop of colour on your eyelids, or a bright lip, this is a great time to see how you feel in looks you haven’t yet. You might own an eyeshadow palette that has a few pops of colour you’ve been nervous to try, or recently seen a photo of a certain look you love, and now is the time to see how it looks on you (spoiler: really good).

    I also find that new makeup products are a risk to put on my face at the beginning of the day simply because I have the most temperamental skin, so I never know how a moisturizer, primer, foundation, or concealer will affect my look. Use this as an opportunity to try out those products that have been sitting in your makeup bag untouched.

These are most definitely difficult times, and trying something that makes you feel good - even if it’s as simple as a hair, makeup, or outfit change - can help you out of what feels like a looped routine right now. Just remember no matter what you decide, you look beautiful right now. So please tell your beautiful, pyjama-bottomed reflection that you are still as cute as ever the next time you see it in the mirror!