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A Pocket-Sized Guide to Ryerson Life

Located in the heart of one of the most diverse cities in the country, Ryerson University invites students far and wide to be apart of their ever-thriving community. The university is a growing education institution that provides students with equality education and a chance to interact with distinguished professors and apply their skills through internships avaliable in Toronto. Although Ryerson’s campus is smaller in size in comparison to its counterparts, the campus’ rapid expansion allows students to get a taste of downtown living with learning. It’s the perfect mix of student and city life experiences. We’ve created a short list about our favourite things about Ryerson. 

  • School: Ryerson University 
  • Location: Toronto
  • Mascot: Eggy the Ram
  • Population: 36,400

Photo Credit: Lorne Bridgman for Ryerson University

Why Ryerson? 

The decision to attend Ryerson is different for every student that attends the school. For instance Ryerson’s superb Jschool program influenced first year student Julia Mastroianni to choose Ryerson: “After speaking to lots of different people and lots of research, I decided Ryerson had the best journalism program.” For others, Ryerson is a convenient place close to home situated in a familiar and diverse community. Harpreet Natt tells me that her decision to attend Ryerson was part of a longstanding family tradition. 

 The best place to eat on campus or in Toronto?

Located in the heart of the city of Toronto, Ryerson is filled with places to feast— listing a few wouldn’t do the city justice. Here are a few of our favourites: 

Blaze Pizza

Located adjacent to the Ryerson campus, Blaze Pizza has become a convenient place for students looking for a quick bite to eat. With it’s student-friendly prices, customizable pizza option, friendly environment and delicious food, this pizzeria is quickly on its way to earning the title of Ryerson’s favourite place to eat.

Photo Credit: broccoliandchocolate 

The Oakham Cafe 

The Oakham Cafe is Ryerson student-run eatery. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can always rely on Oakham to have your back when you’re on a budget. Tyler Rizzuto tells me that they have “great breakfast for such a good price. You can also eat on the couches, so that’s awesome.” 

Photo credit: BlogTO


Located on Dundas St W, this burger joint is known for its eco-minded values and organic food options. Best options on the menu? Sweet potato fries, onion rings, and a “build-your-burger”! 

photo credit: Blog TO

Some honourable mentions

While we can go on and on about food options in Toronto, here are some honourable mentions which include (but are not limited to): Banh Mi Boys, Tim Hortons, Chipotle, Thai Express, and pretty much anything at the Eaton Centre food court. 

How can students get involved with HC Ryerson?

Usually a writing opportunity is an email away! Simply email ryerson@hercampus.com or lenalahalih@hercampus.com expressing your interest & you will be linked to an application. There are also opportunities to work outside of editorial including event planning, student recruitment, and social media coordinators. 

What’s the best place to study on campus? 

The overwhelming consensus on the best place to study on campus has to be SLC. With it’s well-lit floors, writing workshops, collaborative workspaces and bright walls, the 8-storey building has something for everyone. As a student of Ryerson, you’ll learn to pick your favourite spot. Ryerson student Zaria Cornwall loves the 4th floor, whereas Harpreet Natt loves the 8th floor. If you’re looking for a place to study outside of campus, Megan Kwan recommends Black Bear– a coffee shop not too far from campus: “It’s quiet, cozy, and the coffee is on point.” 

How would you describe Ryerson/Toronto?

Situated in the heart of Toronto, Ryerson is known for being a metropolitan school– full of diverse individuals and buildings. Some might say that Ryerson mirrors the city of Toronto in that it represents a mixtures of modern and traditional ways of living. Although the student is a close-knit community, students are able to interact with others professionals in the field of their choice. 

Which organizations have strong female influence on campus? 

There are a variety of organizations at Ryerson that focus on women. There’s Women in Science at Ryerson, Women in Computer Science, HerCampus, Women in Engineering, the Ryerson Feminist Collective, Centre for Women and Trans People, Ryerson Alliance for Women Filmmakers, and Ryerson Women in Leadership. These organizations are important at Ryerson, as they create a space for women to share their experiences and be inspired by other women, especially other women in their program. Julia M., a first-year engineering student, said, “Especially in male-dominated programs like mine, it’s important to have clubs that encourage more women to be more active within the program.”

What are some famous attractions in Toronto?

Toronto is a city you never grow tired of, there’s always something to go. “I love shopping at Eaton’s while I’m waiting for my classes to start. It’s something to pass the time,” says Emma C. Here’s a shorthand list of places to visit if you’re new or aren’t familiar with Toronto: The CN Tower, Rogers Centre, The Air Canada Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium, The Aga Khan Museum, The AGO. 

There are also markets, neighbourhoods, and cultures you can immerse yourself in!   

Best place to pet dogs on campus?

Funny that you ask this, we actually wrote an entire piece on it, check it out

What are you favourite things about Ryerson? Let us know on Twitter & Instagram. While you’re here, check out Her Campus UBC’s guide 

Lena is a fourth year English major at Ryerson University and this year's Editor-in-Chief.   You can follow her on Twitter: @_LENALAHALIH  
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