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Olivia Rodrigo’s First-Ever Set Performance at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Festival

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Well, for starters, we all know Olivia Rodrigo is an icon. The way her debut album Sour went crazy on all charts is mind-blowing for such a young and new artist. The 11 songs on her album charted the Hot 100’s top 30 on Billboard. The whole album saw around 88,000 sales in the United States. “Good 4 U” was also at #2 on Billboard. In the Rolling Stone songs chart, “Good 4 U” remained as the nation’s #1 song while “Traitor” was #6. It is insane to see a young teenage artist succeed so much with her music. Her fan base keeps growing daily and she’s known worldwide for her beautiful voice, immaculate songwriting skills and natural glow. Rodrigo’s first single, “Drivers License”, spent around 8 weeks at #1 when it was first released.

Just having released her first album, Rodrigo has grown and evolved so much within the music industry. The music video for “Good 4 U” became so popular within the media because of her incredible acting. Fans did not expect such a well-thought-out story for the music video. Not only is she an amazing singer, but a natural-born actress. She can do it all!

Rodrigo has performed at various events, including the VMAs, the BRIT Awards and Saturday Night Live, to name a few. She even attended the Met Gala dressed in Saint Laurent which was a huge accomplishment for somebody who recently entered the entertainment industry.

This year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival was a bit more special than the rest. This is because it was Olivia Rodrigo’s first-ever set performance- which she totally killed. This 18-year-old queen, for the first time ever, performed a 20-minute set where she sang five songs: “Brutal,” “Jealousy, Jealousy,” “Drivers License,” “Traitor” and “Good 4 U” from her album Sour. She dressed up in this appealing long-sleeve crop top which was styled with blue pants, a black buttoned belt and black platform boots. Her hair was tied in two high pigtails and looked just as cute as ever.

It was inspiring to see how fans knew all the words to her lyrics, especially in her performance of “Drivers License.” More than an amazing performance, it was emotional seeing the connection she had with her fan base through her music. Her set performance radiated joy, love and excitement.

At the iHeartRadio Music Festival, Olivia Rodrigo said, “This is a really special day for me because this is sort of like my first show. I’m just so grateful that you guys are here with me experiencing this. Thank you so much.”

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