An Ode To Alicia Keys: A Playlist of Her Greatest Works

Grammy award-winning artisit Alicia Keys has an impressive discography. Over the past decade, she has released a wide variety of music that attest to her creativity, vocal strength, and undeniable talent. Here are just a few of her underrated hit that should be on your playlist if they aren't already: 

  1. "Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)" [2009] 

  2. "Doesn't Mean Anything" [2009] 

  3. " A Woman's Worth" [2001]

  4. "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart" [2009]

  5. "Jane Doe" [2001]

  6. "Teenage Love Affair" [2007]

  7. "Girl On Fire" [2012] 

  8. "Wait Til You See My Smile" [2009]

  9. "Every Little Bit Hurts" [2005]

  10. "Superwoman" [2007]