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Ah it’s that time of year again. The weather is getting colder, the decorations, the spirit but the only white you’re seeing, this month, is the snow… 

Yes, the notorious No Nut November is in our midst, people! 

For those of you who are not familiar with this month, it’s basically a challenge for all to attempt to not masturbate nor orgasm (via masturbation or sex) for an entire 30 days. It sounds horrible, yes. So why are people doing this?

An observation I’ve made is that my male friends are the most adamant on this challenge. They’re the ones to remind us all on October 31st at 11:50 p.m. to get one last rub in to savour for the rest of the month (every year like clockwork). From my knowledge, it’s more so a test of willpower and strength than anything. It’s also a lighthearted thing to participate in with your friends and honestly, it’s just funny to check in on them every so often and keep them accountable. 

Every year leading up to 2020, I have absolutely refused to participate in No Nut November. It seemed stupid, why would I restrict myself of the little pleasures in life for no reason?

Well, as it turns out, living a life without any self-control does seem to come with its repercussions… I’m shocked and hurt (don’t text). So this year, it seemed the best time to finally take that vibrator cleanse/tolerance break I am very much in need of. My clitoris essentially can’t feel anything below a seismic wave nowadays so I guess no more magic wand for me (for a month at least). 

As I’m writing this, I have almost reached the halfway mark. It’s almost like quitting cigarettes, the first three days are the hardest and anything after that kind of plateaus into a tolerable type of annoying resistance.

No Nut November or not, sexual health and wellness is and always should be priority #1. Know your limits and play within them, but always have fun with it. 


Katherine G

Ryerson '23

Hi there! I will be one of the Her Campus Ryerson writers on the team this year. (:
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