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New to Reddit? Here are 10 Types of Subreddits You Should Join

With so many new social media outlets popping up nowadays, it can be difficult to keep up! Some platforms take a while to get accustomed to, and it isn’t always easy to figure out what you can follow to achieve the perfect feed. 

Reddit is a platform built around discussions. It’s perfect for finding a community of people interested in the same things as you are, especially if that interest is super niche. You’ll quickly learn that there is a subreddit for everything, and there’s always someone ready to offer their opinions, give advice, or share other interesting content. If you’re skeptical about getting started on Reddit, hopefully, this will convince you to find the nooks and crannies of the platform that will work for you! Here are 10 different types of subreddits you can join to make the most out of your experience on Reddit.

Local Subreddits

The easiest way to get started on Reddit is by following some local or community-based subreddits. Lots of cities and towns have their own subreddit, and if not, there’s probably one for your county, province, or country. Some like r/toronto will cover everything about the city in question, but others like r/askToronto or r/askaCanadian are “ask” – oriented, meaning you can ask and answer questions relevant to the people around you. There are also reddits for many colleges and universities, including r/ryerson!

Advice-Based Subreddits

Asking and answering questions is a big theme on Reddit! Some questions are just too specific to be Googled, so these subreddits provide large groups of people willing to give their input on your dilemma or share their thoughts about an interesting topic. These subreddits range from the all-encompassing r/askReddit to places to ask your burning love questions like r/relationships and r/AmITheAsshole. There are so many subreddits beginning with r/ask, it’s a safe bet to search for that followed by whatever you need help with!

Basic Subreddits

These subreddits are very large, active, and general in terms of their content, but they’re a great place to start if you’re new to the platform. Millions of Reddit users are part of subreddits such as r/pics, r/funny, r/aww, r/art, and r/showerthoughts. If you’re a fan of these larger subreddits, the “Popular” page on Reddit is a great place to discover others.

Fandom Subreddits

So many communities of fans have found a home on Reddit. If you name your favourite book, television show, music artist, or musical, there’s probably a subreddit for it, full of fans like you eager to start discussions! These fan-based groups have posts running the gamut from memes to detailed theories – and that’s the beauty of Reddit. Most fandoms have their own subreddits, such as r/DunderMifflin, the hub for fans of The Office on Reddit. There are also broader groups like r/letstalkmusic, r/television, and r/kpop, and groups for getting into the nitty-gritty of your favourite storylines, like r/plotholes and r/FanTheories.

News Subreddits

If you’re looking to keep up with current events, Reddit might be able to help. r/news, r/worldnews, and r/politics will cover a wide range of issues, but there are also many subreddits dedicated to specific, ongoing situations, such as r/CanadaCoronavirus. If you need a break from the heavier news, r/UpliftingNews can provide you with a boost of positivity to get you through your day. As with any news you find on social media, make sure it links back to reliable sources!

 Meme Subreddits

Reddit is well-known for its memes, and for good reason. You will probably find memes infiltrating most of these other types of subreddits, but there are also countless groups dedicated to memes alone. You can dive in with r/memes, r/dankmemes and r/wholesomememes, but venturing a little further will lead to hilarious gems like r/MurderedByWords and r/terriblefacebookmemes. You can even make your own memes with the help of r/MemeTemplatesOfficial!

Niche Interest Subreddits

Maybe you have a really specific interest that isn’t visual enough for Instagram or TikTok and doesn’t really get discussed on Twitter. There’s probably a subreddit for it! Once you find it, you’ll get a steady stream of content related to whatever your heart desires. You can connect with others around the world interested in r/ethicalfashion, r/birdwatching, or r/beading, just to name a few.

Specific Reaction Subreddits

Reddit is the perfect place to chat with others about specific interests, but also about specific emotions! There are quite a few subreddits dedicated to posting about moments that evoke a specific reaction. Some are wholesome, like r/MadeMeSmile, while others celebrate the cringier moments in life, like r/facepalm or r/wellthatsucks. So the next time you’re looking for something r/mildlyinfuriating, or r/oddlysatisfying, head over to Reddit!

Visual Subreddits

Reddit is not just for long text posts and endless conversation threads! Unique images and graphics definitely have a place on the platform. While these are usually in the format of memes, like r/starterpacks or r/PoliticalCompassMemes, some graphic-based subreddits like r/coolguides share genuinely interesting and helpful information for all the visual learners out there.

Tips and Interesting Fact Subreddits

Quirky tidbits of obscure information and strange observations shine on Reddit! If you love learning something new every day, subreddits such as r/todayilearned, r/interestingasfuck, r/damnthatsinteresting, and r/thatsinsane are the places to go. Similar to the hoards of advice subreddits, there are also plenty of subreddits filled with tips and hacks tried and tested by other Reddit users. These range from the general r/lifehacks and r/howto to the more specific r/foodhacks, and even r/shittylifeprotips for a few laughs!

Ryerson Journalism student, writer, and popcorn enthusiast. Find me on Twitter @rietherie.
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