New Music Program at Ryerson

There’s good news for future prospective Ryerson students and even current Ryerson students! There are talks regarding a new music program that will be offered at Ryerson sometime in the near future. This won’t just be any conventional music program, but rather it will focus on the business of music.


Source: Giphy

It will be a four year music program, according to the dean of the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) Charles Falzon. Falzon says the new program will focus not only on music performance, but the music industry as a whole. This means that what it takes to run a label, organize concerts, and music production are possible topics that will be taught to students. The Ryerson Eyeopener reports that Falzon hopes this program will help musicians who are interested in having a business in music. It’s so nice to see that Universities are offering programs that will provide practical knowledge and skills to help students achieve their dreams!


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