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Netflix: What to Watch This Fall

We’re well on our way into midterm season this semester, which if you’re anything like me, means you’re about to start distracting yourself by streaming a new show you won’t be able to stop binging – and immediately regretting it. 

The crisp fall weather and falling leaves outside your window make it impossible not to cozy up under your favourite throw blanket and stream your night away on Netflix, even if you do have four assignments due on D2L. So, here’s a guide on what to watch this fall. From spooky favourites to new releases, we’ve got it all covered. 

New Releases:

  1. You, Season 3

The wait is finally over. The highly anticipated third season of this gory Netflix show is set to be released on Oct. 16, nearly two years after the second season. Just in time for Halloween, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is bound to have us all shaking in our seats and covering our eyes––but not able to look away. Or perhaps now that he and Love (Victoria Pedretti) are married parents living their best suburban lives, he’ll finally put his habits behind him. 

  1. Kim’s Convenience

If you haven’t already had the chance to check out this Canadian sitcom, now’s the time to catch up as the latest and last season is finally on Netflix. The story follows a Korean-Canadian family’s journey as they navigate what it’s like to run a convenience store in Toronto. After its third season, the show was renewed for two more, but ultimately got cancelled due to the departure of its creators

  1. Colin in Black & White 

Directed by Ava DuVernay, this production takes a deep look at the life of athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick, who is also a co-producer of the series. Not to be confused as a documentary––though Kaepernick does narrate the show––the story is about a younger version of himself, played by Jaden Michael. The show takes viewers along as we learn how and why the former quarterback felt the need to change his path and become an activist.

Spooky Classics:

  1. Scary Movie

If you’re in the mood for some spooky classics, you better act fast––the entire Scary Movie franchise is set to be removed from Netflix on Oct. 19. These comedy-horror films are always a fun watch; it’s a parody of the horror, slasher and mystery genres we all know and love. 

  1.  The Addams Family

Whether you’ve seen it or not, you’ve probably already heard of this Halloween classic. Grab your friends and a bowl of popcorn and enjoy an evening of thrills, comedy and mystery.  

  1. 1922

Though this may not necessarily be a classic, this Stephen King adaptation is worth the watch. 1922 is one of those horror movies you feel immersed in and haunted by. Thomas Jane stars as Wilfred James, a man who manipulates his teenage son (Dylan Schmid) into helping kill his mother (Molly Parker). The story develops as the two struggle to cope with what they’ve done and must try to survive with a guilty conscience. 

Seasonal Staples:

  1.  Gilmore Girls

When I think ‘fall’, I inevitably think: Gilmore Girls. If you’re looking for a comforting show that makes you forget about your worries and fantasize about living in a small town where everyone you meet falls in love with you, then this one is for you. Whether you’re meeting the mother-daughter duo Rory and Lorelai for the first time or you’ve already seen all seven seasons (several times), this comedy-drama is the perfect way to wind down after a long autumn day. 

  1. One Day

Sometimes, the best thing to do on a gloomy day is to cry your eyes out to a rom-com, and one of my personal favourites is One Day starring Anne Hathaway. If you choose to watch this one, brace yourself for some heavy waterworks and have some tissues close by. 

  1. The Age of Adaline

Starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford, this movie makes you question the value of youth and beauty. Think of it as “17 Again” but for adults, as the leading lady finds herself stuck in her 20s forever. This is a simple and calm story that intrigues you from the start and leaves you in tears (in the best way) once it’s over. 

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