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My Philosophy For Spring Cleaning: Resolutions, Ruminations and Release

After the whirlwind that was this winter, I for one have never been more excited for the snow to melt, skies to clear, and for a new season’s arrival. March is right around the corner, which can only mean one thing— spring cleaning! So stick around to learn about how my philosophy for getting rid of trash will give us a brand new perspective for the continuation of 2021 and welcome a refreshing new start that we deserve.

1) Let’s begin with resolutions…

 For some fascinating reason, I’ve wound up surrounding myself with people who have a very structured way of managing their lives. You see, most of my friends and family are what we commonly refer to as, Type A personalities. Not me, however— I for one was never the type to keep a cute little Indigo journal on my nightstand for recording my goals and aspirations. Instead, I’ve managed to get by with the help of my own personal storage system tucked deep within my brain. But what I’ve come to realize is that despite how convenient my organizational method is, along the way, I’ve accumulated far too many thoughts to keep my resolutions apart from daily tasks and responsibilities. In other words, it’s complete chaos way up there. So with this new season approaching, it’s time to give in and purchase that cute little Indigo notebook and begin writing down our resolutions. Doing this will help to hold ourselves accountable and prioritize what changes need to be made to alleviate all clutter, both in our rooms and in our lives.

2) Identify your ruminations…

Are there any lingering stressors from 2021’s gloomy winter that are still stuck in your head? Whether it’s the pandemic, your love life, income, school, or too many used Sephora samples not thrown away it’s time to figure out what to hold on to and what to let go of. Something I’ve become acutely aware of is the correlation between feelings of stress and the presence of physical clutter. I mean, think to yourself how often the build-up of anxiety is perpetuated by a dirty pile of laundry on your bedroom floor, an unmade bed, or an overload of no longer used products stored untouched in your bathroom drawers. Without introspection, many of us rationalize these untidy behaviours as ‘organized chaos’. However, it’s important to question if the presence of this clutter is subconsciously filling a void. Deflection is an attitude that we’re all guilty of…and I get it, sometimes it’s just simpler just to replace something that is missing in our lives and project our anxieties onto people, places, and things. With spring cleaning, it’s time to come face to face with these negative behaviours and to acknowledge them to find a way to proactively move on. Let me tell you, after we declutter our lives physically, we declutter our minds… well mentally of course! So, I encourage you to channel your inner Cinderella and wash all that negativity away to prepare for a brand new start this spring.

3) You’re ready to release…

Finally, it’s time to determine what to let go of, and what to keep around that will motivate you to bloom, blossom, and grow (get it? because spring?). So, you may be wondering how to identify what is worth keeping around. Well, by differentiating what is responsibility versus what is clutter, you’ll be able to identify the healthy patterns and behaviours to keep carrying with you. This can be anything that brings you inspiration: including extracurriculars, hobbies, healthy habits, and more. For me, that involves writing Her Campus articles, applying to spring/summer internship opportunities, and my beloved soy-scented candle collections. 

Okay, now we’ve reached the hard part… letting go. The simplest way I’ve identified what to let go of is by this one criterion: if it doesn’t add any long-term benefit, let it go. Any negative emotion associated with items, relationships, or personal behaviours is a perfectly acceptable release. I guarantee you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready for a new beginning! 

I hope that in preparation for the spring, you’re now ready to record your goals, acknowledge your stressors, and be able to let anything that causes you negativity go. Let’s prepare for the best months to come, and work on becoming the best versions of ourselves that we can be… all with a little help from spring cleaning!

Shira Alter

Ryerson '23

I've grown up in the suburbs of Toronto my entire life but dream to one day call myself a city girl. I have a passion for all things fashion, health, wellness, musical theatre, and graphic design. In my downtime, I often live vicariously through the lives of my favourite rom-com protagonists, take part in retail therapy, or hang out with family and friends! My goal is to empower young women to push beyond self- imposed limits in order to accomplish anything we set our minds to!
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