Life at Ryerson as Told by Drake

Ryerson University and the popular 6 God Drake have somehow become synonmous. As our unofficial spokesperson, it seems as though he understands our unique struggle of living life right in the heart of Toronto. Here are a list of situations all Rye High students can relate to as told by Drake Gifs: 

1. When you think you are at your class but you realize that you are on the wrong floor in Kerr Hall. Why does it all look the same?

2. When the escalators in TRSM are down and you are trying not to breath heavy after realizing how out of shape you are.

3. When an event goes on at Yonge and Dundas. SO. MANY. PEOPLE! All I want to do is go to class.

4. When you find out Drake showing up at free concert! 

5. When the SLC is not full! A rare occurrence.

6. Seeing a celebrity on campus because TIFF hosts events on our campus.