Leisurewear You Need for Your Online Fall Semester

Amid the tumult of the world, I’m sure I’m among many who consoled themselves by dabbling (or should I say attaining new, embarrassing records) in the sphere of online shopping. Although it’s nice to romanticize dream fall outfits you would be strutting across campus in if the situation was different, it’s safe to say the most popular items of clothing in your wardrobe now include comfy hoodies and sweatpants. And while I fully encourage you to proudly wear those brand-new jeans and button-ups to the grocery store or just around the house (Be your own main character, am I right?), here are some cozy leisurewear brands you could be living in.


  1. 1. PANGAIA - @thepangaia

    At the top of the list, we have PANGAIA, a new obsession for influencers and cozy connoisseurs alike. Perhaps the fascination stems from the fact that they have pledged to design in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or simply the fact they make beautiful loungewear for all. Nonetheless, their sweatsuits in neutral and cheery colours, made of recycled organic cotton, will make you want to check yourself out every time you pass a mirror.  
  2. 2.  Leisure Suite - @leisure.suite

    Leisure Suite is a hidden gem with a laid-back, California girl quality that’ll have you feeling as though you’ve casually thrown on a comfy sweatshirt after a long day at the beach. With a myriad of t-shirts and sweats emblazoned with their phrase, “Come on in, the relaxing is fine”, in a 1970s-like font, having a bad day is pretty much out of the question.
  3. 3.  Los Angeles Apparel - @losangelesapparel

    Searching for some wardrobe basics after a few “out there” late-night impulse buys? With size inclusive and unisex essentials like fleece zip-ups and oversized t-shirts of all colours, Los Angeles Apparel not only has that covered, but also ensures living wages to all their workers.  
  4. 4.  Sporty & Rich - @sportyandrich

    Emily Oberg, Sporty & Rich’s founder, was certainly familiar with the definition of après tennis when developing the sportswear aesthetic now residing on every fashion lover’s Instagram feed. Other than creating comfortable pieces that scream “off-duty Princess Diana”, the company is also a member of “1% for the Planet”, an organization verifying brand donations to various environmental causes.
  5. 5.  Mr Mittens - @ilovemrmittens

    Locally hand-made by talented women? Yes please! Wearing one of Mr Mittens’ oversized 100 percent cotton or wool jumpers will make you feel a part of the female-centred community the brand is adamant about keeping at its core. With the phrase ‘Heartworking Knitwear’ written inside every item, the level of care going into these chunky knits is hard to match nowadays.
  6. 6.  NAKED INTERSECTION @nakedintersection

    With so many lingerie brands attempting to constrict the female form, NAKED INTERSECTION is a true breath of fresh air, focusing on comfort, minimalism and femininity. Purchasing an elegant pair of high-waisted underwear has never felt so good as the company sources locally, recycles fabrics and uses natural textiles!  
  7. 7.  CARCEL - @carcelclothing

    This Copenhagen-based brand combines comfort and style and is definitely a splurge, but if you’re looking to support ethically sourced and quality clothing, this is it. Just the pieces’ natural textiles and colour coordination alone will make you excited to get dressed for zoom class. The brand avoids overproduction and supports incarcerated women’s skill development in Thai and Peruvian prisons, providing fair wages and skill training. Every CARCEL article is also signed by its skilled creator.  
  8. 8.  Na Nin - @naninstudio

    Highly curated with a mix of vintage and independent designers, Na Nin has a homey little bit of everything to assuage the stress of those late-night study sessions. Cotton bralettes, relaxed trousers and oversized knitwear, among others, all exude the sort of calming ambiance that everyone deserves a bit of right now.
  9. 9.  Olivia von Halle  - @oliviavonhalle

    Let’s be honest - sometimes a good pair of pyjamas is the way to go (whoever said PJs don’t count as an outfit had it all wrong). The sleepwear brand is actively working with ‘You Make It’, a UK charity ensuring companies establish anti-racist and allyship practices. Besides, investing in a luxurious set of silk nightwear is simply good sense when 8AM zoom classes exist. Or at least that’s what we can tell ourselves while feverishly taking notes in our buttery smooth pyjamas.  
  10. 10. COTTON CITIZEN - @cottoncitizen

    If you thought the tie-dye craze was over, I am not-at-all sad to inform you it is very much alive and thriving through COTTON CITIZEN’s locally sourced and organically grown cotton pieces designed through a collaborative team effort. Made to last, you can wear these effortless sets with peace of mind, knowing they will still remain in good shape long after zoom classes are a distant memory.