How to Save The Planet



It seems like we’re constantly seeing headlines about how another animal has gone extinct or how another habitat has been destroyed. It’s like we can see the damage being done but we can’t do anything about it.

These are just some small things you can do that make a huge difference.

Stop using plastic

Something simple you can do is switch your plastics to more reusable options. Instead of using plastic straws you can switch to metal, glass or even bamboo ones. They are usually sold with a pipe cleaner so you don’t have to worry about them being gross -- unless you’re like me and lose it. You can use these instead of the plastic ones you might get when you buy a drink.

Also buy reusable bags and stop using plastic ones when shopping. Carry some in your bag or in your car and turn down plastic bags offered by cashiers.

Reusable water bottles are also really great. You can refill them and when buying a coffee, hand it over and they can usually put your drink in that instead of cups you’re just gonna throw out. They’ll usually give you a discount too.

While you may think refilling your plastic water bottle will be fine, it’s probably good to know that the plastic wears down after a while and that chemicals can end up with in your drink. It probably wouldn’t be enough plastic to cause major harm, it just sounds gross and I don’t think you’d want that.

And please don’t litter. Pick up your trash and put it in the right bin; it’s really not that hard.

Choose where you shop

Look at where you’re shopping and try to make more ethical decisions, if they work with your budget. There’s an app you can download called Good on You which basically lets you know the ethical -- or not so ethical -- brands. If a brand isn’t ethical then they’ll recommend similar brands that are.

When buying skincare or makeup, keep the same things in mind. I personally like Lush products because they use natural products, their bottles are recyclable and their products actually work. They also have ‘naked bottles’ which is basically a bottle without the plastic casing -- just the product.


Eat more organic and locally grown food. If you can, try to eat more plant based products too. Now, make sure you’re able to do this and talk to your doctor. I used to be vegan but I’m also anemic and while I didn’t feel any different, when I went to get my blood tests I found out that my iron levels were dangerously low. Since then I’ve had to add seafood and eggs to my diet to reach a healthy level. So, again, talk to your doctor and make sure you’re looking out for yourself first.

Grow your own food. I get so excited for warm weather because I can actually start growing things. My goal is to never need to buy ingredients and just grow all my food. Gardening brings me a step closer -- and we just won’t talk about the plants that didn’t work out. But seriously, it’s fun to grow and use your own herbs and veggies and you know that there aren’t any harmful chemicals being sprayed on them. You could also grow certain plants that help insects and animals. Save the bees and plant a sunflower!

These are just a couple small and simple things that you can integrate into your daily life. You can do something and create a difference to help save the planet.