How Ryerson Students are Dressing for Winter 2019

With winter nipping at our heels, students are trading in their light denim jackets for heavier fur coats. As the snow begins to fall, the urge to throw on a fuzzy pair of sweatpants and a trusty pair of Uggs is undeniable. How do the students at Ryerson avoid such urges and maintain their sense of style? I stopped a few students on the Ryerson campus to ask them about their style and how they dress for colder weather.

  1. 1. Nevi Gaetan, Third-Year Fashion Communications Student

    Nevi Gaetan is a fashion communications student who first got into styling as a means of self-expression. She used to dye her hair different colours and usually does extravagant makeup looks that personify how she feels. She sees her style as a mixture of clown and the 80s. 

    Gaetan has several tricks for continuing to look stylish when the weather gets colder, like wearing stylish gloves. She also likes to utilize fashionable headscarves (pictured above) to protect her ears against the colder winds.

  2. 2. Maddy Holl, First-Year New Media Student

    Maddy Holl is a new media student whose style is all over the place. She describes her style as a mixture of “colourful” and “grunge.” She gets most of her wardrobe through shopping at Value Village and other thrift stores. She views thrifting as a more cost-effective manner to get individualized pieces that no one else will have. For colder weather, she recommends large jackets, like puffer coats or trench coats, as oversized coats are currently in style. 

  3. 3. Maggie Taylor, Second-Year Ryerson Journalism Student

    Maggie Taylor is a journalism student who describes her style as “girly” and “undeniably feminine.” Her favourite store is Urban Outfitters, as she admits that she is not always up to date on trends, so Urban Outfitters makes it easier to replicate trendy looks with little effort. Taylor personalizes her style in colder weather through accessorizing. She loves “colourful hair clips, little scrunchies, belts and statement shoes.”

  4. 4. Kelsey Williams, First-Year Fashion Communications Student

    Kelsey Williams is a fashion communication student whose style is “definitely influenced by street style.” She loves more urban and in-style looks, which is apparent from her large puffer coat and white Converse shoes. She thinks the key to looking cute during colder weather is to pack on the layers. 

    Williams advises trying to pair cute crop tops under sweaters or big jackets and then adding more warm scarves and hats to give the appearance of a cohesive and completed outfit. 

  5. 5. Ron Villa, Ryerson Graduate

    Ron Villa is a recent Ryerson graduate of new media whose favourite store to shop at is UNIQLO. Villa loves UNIQLO because they have perfect essentials that can create a variety of outfits. He finds it easy to mix their pieces, so it makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier. 

    His way of looking good in the winter is by buying clothes made out of fabrics that he thinks are trendy, like corduroy, wools and more fuzzy materials.

  6. 6. May Tang, Fourth-Year Fashion Design Student

    May Tang is a fourth-year fashion design student who describes her style as “comfy.” Her outfits remain stylish because she plays with silhouettes of her pieces. She’ll mix looser pants with a tighter crop top to create a comfortable but fun outfit. 

    She thinks the key to looking stylish in the winter is to have a statement item like a pair of trendy Doc Martins and then add subtler items until your outfit is completed.

  7. 7. Biancah Roe, Second-Year Interior Design Student

    Biancah Roe is a second-year interior design student who cites her biggest fashion inspirations as Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac and the ’60s. She loves to mix more retro bohemian pieces with modern-day pieces to create a unique look. 

    When dressing for winter Roe finds it difficult to give up more feminine looks like floral skirts, so she wears light tights under her dresses and rolls them up, so they aren’t visible. She also likes to wear multiple layers of socks.

  8. 8. Arib Kamal, First-Year Business Management Student

    Arib Kamal is a first-year business management student who believes that all students should be reaching for their trench coats. He believes that trench coats make everything look good, and they work well with every type of outfit regardless of style. 

  9. 9. Emmanuelle Toohey-Carignan, Second-Year English Student

    Emmanuelle Toohey-Carignan is a second-year English student whose style is described by her friends as “hot topic-esque”. She’s gained that reputation by her love of chunky boots, black shirts, bright and tacky colours and different accessories that don’t always mesh together. 

    She doesn’t believe in doing multiple layers for the winter as her motto is, “If you get cold, you get cold. At least you look good.” She thinks people should wear whatever they want regardless of the weather as long as they’re happy with their outfit.

And there you have it, that’s what a handful of Ryerson students are wearing, and their tips to remain stylish during the colder weather. Whether you accessorize with colourful clips, buy large puffer coats or even just layer, there are so many ways to look good during the winter. 


Just remember to stay true to your style and also stay warm!