How to Overcome Your Gym Anxiety

Does the thought of going to the gym make you nervous? Do you often feel out of place when working out? Just know, that’s completely normal. Working out in front of people who look like they practically live at the gym can be intimidating, but that doesn’t mean you don’t belong there. Here are some ways to overcome your gym anxiety so you can become the healthiest version of yourself.


Realize that no one cares what you’re doing

You might feel like everyone’s staring at you as you run on the treadmill or you use a new machine, but in reality, everyone is there for themselves. The gym is a place to be selfish with your time and focus on your goals. No one is looking at you because they genuinely don’t care what you’re doing. Everyone was once a beginner so try to zone others out and put your entire focus on your workout.


Wear what makes you feel good

Do you like wearing shorts and a sports bra at the gym? Wear it. Do you like wearing a baggy sweater and pants to workout in? Wear it. Wear whatever makes you comfortable and makes you feel good. Nothing’s worse than feeling uneasy and self-conscious about the way you look during a workout. It will completely throw off your routine.


Go at odd times

If you often get intimidated being around a lot of people when working out, try going to the gym at off hours. Going to the gym at peak hours, like when everyone is getting off work or school, will guarantee a crowded atmosphere. Try to go early in the morning or late at night if you want a more easygoing workout.


Make sure you have a game plan

Chances are you won’t know what to do for your daily workout if you just walk into the gym without a plan. Planning your workouts for the week will give you a proper exercise outline. Use Pinterest, YouTube and other online sources to search different workout routines. Having a set outline will give you the confidence you need to kill your workouts. It also really helps you stay motivated!


Listen to music

Having a playlist of pumped up tracks of your choice will help you push through your workout and will also distract you from all the people surrounding you. Try getting lost in your music so that you can worry less about your environment. Wireless headphones work best so that you don’t have to stress about them falling out when exercising.