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How To Occupy Yourself On A Snow Day

As a kid, waking up, walking straight to your window and seeing a winter wonderland outside is such a magical feeling because you know what’s coming; no school for the day! You get to sit in your pajamas all day, drink hot cocoa with your family and binge-watch movies. Snow days can happen as adults too and I will be sharing some fun activities to do while snowed in!

 Have a movie marathon

You can watch new movies or simply re-watch your favourite movies. A snow day reminds me of Christmas, so I love re-watching the Home Alone movies with my friends or family. Other things to watch can be a good romantic movie likeThe Vow, or maybe a Netflix original show. I’m currently watching Behind her Eyes, a very interesting psychological thriller.

 Have a spa day with your girls

This is the perfect chance to unwind and have a nice chill session with your girls! Some scented candles, bath bombs, books and nail polish are essential for a spa day. You can even go a step further and bake cookies and cupcakes together.

 Do some online shopping

Online shopping is so addicting. There are many amazing online stores such as Shein, Princess Polly, Nasty Gal, ASOS, Zara, Aritzia, etc and all I have to do is go on Safari and start adding things to my cart. It’s an addiction and money gets spent but at least you’ll be the best dressed!

 As an adult, we are engulfed with deadlines and a busy schedule, therefore snow days don’t have the same effect on us as they used to. Even if you’re working from home or studying online due to COVID, there’s always going to be some extra time at night where you should relax and do something you enjoy. 


Maheen Arshad

Ryerson '21

Maheen is an aspiring lawyer currently finishing her Bachelor's Degree at Ryerson University in Languages and Intercultural Relations with a concentration in Language & Cognition. She loves exploring new restaurants (usually Italian because it's her favourite) and spending time with family and friends. When she's not writing and editing for Her Campus, Maheen is spending her time volunteering at multiple organizations and preparing for Law School!
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