How Lionel the Cat Found the Perfect Home

Since it’s the most stressful time of the semester (#ExamSzn), there’s really no better time to share this feel good story with you all. I sat down with Amanjit Bassi who told me exactly how Lionel came to mean so much in her life.

“It all began when my sister’s friend decided that at the end of last year she couldn’t keep her cat anymore and was going to take him to the pound. My sister was so against this, and just the thought of the cat being killed pushed her to bring the cat to my house. We were only supposed to keep the cat for two weeks, which we assumed would have been enough time to find him a good home.”

“My mom’s not really a pet person, so she only agreed to let us keep him for the two weeks if he stayed in the basement. But eventually I brought him upstairs, and everyone fell in love with him! He was scared at first since he was in a new place, but we named him Lionel, or Lin Lin as I like to call him, and now we can’t imagine our family without him!”

“My favourite thing about Lin Lin is when he purrs and cuddles with me! Honestly, it’s the cutest thing! Believe it or not, he’s also saved my life a couple of times! There’s some days my alarm doesn’t go off in the morning, but he’s always there meowing at my door at 6 in the morning ensuring I’m not late for work.”

“Lionel has literally become my best friend and I can’t imagine my life without him!”


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