How to Enjoy Winter After the Holidays Are Over

Oh, winter. The holidays are full of pretty lights and festive music. But after? This is when seasonal depression seems to hit some people. Not to mention the fact that there seems to be a blizzard every week and leaving your house feels like the biggest struggle you have ever faced. But it doesn’t have to be so horrible. There are plenty of entertaining things to do throughout the colder months.

Listen, we are in Canada and the cold weather allows for plenty of seasonal fun. Go out and try a winter sport.

In middle school we took a class trip where we could choose to ski, snowboard, or go tubing. A bunch of us chose tubing and it was insanely fun. We made friends with people from another school and hung out drinking hot chocolate; it was great. Even sledding on a hill in a park nearby, having a snowball fight, and building a snowman is so fun no matter how old you are.

Skating! So I’m not the best at ice-skating. The first day of winter break I went with a friend and I was doing so well until the end when I fell on my tailbone and couldn’t move for like two days. But we went to Panera Bread afterwards so it was fine.

It’s about $10 to rent skates for three hours in Nathan Phillips Square or you can bring your own skates for free. If you’re more advanced, harbour front has skating that’s a little less “rink-like.” The ice is more bumpy and therefore more challenging. I could never but, ey, if you wanna test your skating skills, go for it.

How about the winter fashion? Big cozy sweaters and soft boots? Yes please. Go shopping. Make a day out of it with your friends. Even if you don’t buy anything just the act of doing something and seeing the weirdest fashion choices these stores make is entertaining.

Something I’ve been getting into recently is baking and, for some reason, that seems to  be an especially good idea in the winter. The idea is cozy and when you play some calming music it’s super fun. Plus you’re place ends up smelling like a bakery and who doesn’t want that?

Go to the movies. Cineplex has a deal going on this winter where Saturday morning’s at 11:00, movies are only about $3. My friends younger sister just went to watch Mary Poppins and could not stop raving about it. Also, come on, $3 When it’s usually like $15? Pretty good deal. Or you can just have your own movie night at home. Invite your friends over, stock up on Dollarama snacks, bring out the desserts you baked, turn off the lights and grab the blankets and pillows.

If you still can’t find the motivation to go out and do something then how about this: you won’t get sick as much if you leave the house. Being stuck inside all day, alone, and not doing anything isn’t helping your immune system. Think about it, you’re inside, windows closed, with hot air circulating your place, germs everywhere, in a bad mood. At least leaving your house or doing something with friends will get you in circulating, fresh air, and boost your mood. It’s just a few more months, not that long, it’ll pass and soon we’ll all be complaining about the heat.

Make the most of the snow and have fun. It’ll soon melt and, who knows, you might even miss it eventually.