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Goodbye Old Job, Hello Opportunities!

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I am the type of person who hates letting go and saying goodbye, even for the greater good of my self-growth. Leaving a part-time job is not easy, especially when you have worked for the company for so long, dedicated so much of your time and built friendships along the way. But you know what? It’s okay. I have finally learned that it’s normal to want to move on and explore new beginnings. Along with my experiences, I have developed a few tips to get over resignation grief

Tip #1: Remember that you are doing this for your benefit 

Know your worth! When I came to my work with my resignation letter, it felt like I was betraying my co-workers and managers. The letter continuously felt heavier and heavier in my hands, but I kept telling myself it was okay because there were better things in store for me. Remember not to beat yourself up! You have your reasons, and no one––let alone a part-time job––should stop you from growing your career path. 

Tip #2: Your Co-Workers and Managers will understand

BETRAYAL! BETRAYAL! Get that mentality out of your head! There is no need for you to stay if you have already outgrown your job. After spending three years in the store I worked for, I learned and comprehended everything I could. I even learned positions that were not necessarily in my job description, but I knew that it still wouldn’t benefit me if I were to stay longer. Yes, it is so hard to say goodbye to your co-workers and managers, but remember, when you flourish into your career, you’re going to end up meeting new colleagues anyways. 

Tip #3: You don’t owe your part-time job anything!

“It’s just a part-time job. You don’t owe them anything! – Dad.

When I told my dad about my resignation grief, he reminded me that I shouldn’t feel bad in the first place. You understand the workload and the pros and cons of working at the company—so why do you feel like you need to stay? After three years of working myself up to be a senior employee, I felt like leaving them would ruin everything, but my dad was right: It’s not my career. It’s just a job to bring food to the table until I start my actual career. 

Nonetheless, it’s okay to feel hesitant to resign from a part-time job. Yes, working there for so long made you comfortable and helped you to build good relationships, but you have to remember that you can do so much more!

So, why stop for the sake of one company?

I am a 3rd year English major at Ryerson University. As my aspirations grow, I am writing to connect with readers in everyday situations, problems, and feelings. Here to make all audiences feel relevant and heard one article at a time. Content may include and is not limited to social injustices, your daily news, mental health and wellness, and style and beauty.
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