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Girl Talk! 5 Female-Led Podcasts That Get Me Through The Week

There’s nothing more therapeutic than venting to your best friend in between classes, after school or over drinks. Due to the current state of the world, however, it’s been harder than ever to connect. With half of us being on-campus while the other half are online, it feels like girl talk has been cut short. That’s where podcasts come in. With the ability to listen at any time and any place, they’re the perfect way to engage in relatable conversation.

For the days where nobody’s schedules align, here are five female-driven podcasts that are constantly on rotation that help me unwind and reminisce.

PlanBri Uncut

Being in your early twenties is weird, but boy does Brianna Chickenfry make it entertaining. Hosted by Barstool’s very own Brianna LaPaglia, aka Brianna Chickenfry, PlanBri Uncut is like being on FaceTime with your college BFF. 

Encouraging listeners to be decent humans, Chickenfry shares the drunken nights that turned into mornings, what it’s (really) like to live in New York City, and opens up about the trauma that made her who she is. She may only be 22 years old, but it feels like Bri has lived a thousand lives. 

Authentic, dysfunctional and sprinkled with dark humour, PlanBri Uncut is the perfect podcast for the girls who are just trying to do the damn thing. Plus, they’ve got some of the coolest merch I’ve ever seen.

New episodes are released every Tuesday, available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain 

My favourite coffee-obsessed Gemini, Anything Goes proves that Ms. Emma Chamberlain is not too far off from you and me. She deals with anxiety, feeling out of place, friendship drama, and just about everything else a Gen Z woman would. 

With the witty charm that garnered her millions of Youtube subscribers, each episode feels like the true definition of girl talk. Unfiltered and vulnerable, Anything Goes strips away the status, the wealth and the LA lifestyle, leaving us with nothing but a microphone, Chamberlain Coffee and Emma in her truest form.

New episodes are released every Thursday, available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Drama Queens

If you’re looking for a sign to watch (or rewatch) One Tree Hill, this is it. 

Each week, Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz, otherwise known as Brooke, Peyton and Haley, take a trip back to Tree Hill, North Carolina circa 2003. Starting with the pilot, the trio dissect each episode, gushing over their castmates, their memories and the show that defined a generation.

Kind of like a gossip session with the cool aunts you wish you knew in high school, the ladies spill life lessons, career highlights and all the things they wish they could’ve told their younger selves. 

A warm-hearted podcast wrapped in nostalgia and a decade of love, Drama Queens is the perfect show for One Tree Hill fanatics, old and new.  

New episodes are released every Thursday, available wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Call her daddy

The growth of Call Her Daddy from its first episode to its latest is unreal. They may as well be two different shows. Since parting ways with her former co-host in early 2020, host Alex Cooper has transformed Call Her Daddy from “that sex podcast” into a show that formulates the perfect storm of vulnerable and provocative female-driven content.

Acting as the unapologetic older sister I never had, Alex stays true to the risque and raunchy diction that got her where she is today. She holds conversations with guests such as Chelsea Handler, Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Chamberlain that feel like catching up with old friends over drinks rather than formulated interviews. 

At the top of her class in a male-dominated industry, Alex Cooper has carved out a space for female liberation. Addressing the stigmas around sexual fluidity, reiterating the importance of therapy and preaching self-love, Call Her Daddy continues to make history, tackling misogyny and internet trolls along the way to the top.

New episodes are released every Wednesday, exclusively on Spotify.

Welcome To The OC, Bitches! 

As a girl who thrives on early 2000s nostalgia, Welcome To The OC, Bitches is my dream podcast. 

Reflecting on the Juicy sweatsuits and the orange-tinted bronzer, each week, The OC’s Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke – a.k.a Summer Roberts and the infamous Julie Cooper Nikle –  make their way back down to sunny Orange County, California.

One of the first re-watch podcasts to hit the space, Welcome To The OC, Bitches follows two of The OC’s strongest female leads as they take a walk down the sandy shores of Newport Beach’s memory lane.

Interviewing their favourite co-stars along the way – like the Cohen boys, Adam Brody and Peter Galagher – Rachel and Melinda reveal the ins and outs of being on one of the most influential series in teen drama history. 

New episodes are released every Tuesday, available wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Bayli is in her 3rd year of Media Production at Ryerson University. Obsessed with music, live shows and all things pop culture, you can almost always find her at a concert, near the lake or rewatching early 2000s teen dramas!
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