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I’ve been running almost every day since I was 13. I used to run competitively, but now I run because I genuinely enjoy it (most of the time) and there’s no other form of exercise that makes me feel quite the same. I know running can be daunting to a lot of people, but there are so many reasons why everyone should try running, especially right now. Here are my top four tips for runners who are just starting:

1. Start slow.

There’s no need to try and push the pace on your first couple runs, go at a pace that is comfortable for you, even if that means walking for a few minutes.

2. Run for time, not distance.

There’s a common misconception out there that you have to start by running a certain distance or else going for a run isn’t really worth it. This is absolutely not true. If you’re a true beginner, start out by running for 10 minutes, adding a walk in there if you need to. Once 10 minutes becomes a little easier, slowly add a few minutes each run.

3. Be consistent, but realistic.

If you want running to become a part of your routine, you have to do it consistently. That being said, don’t make yourself go for a run every single day when you’re just starting out. You’ll likely burn out if your body isn’t used to it. Start by running 2 or 3 times a week, then add in days as you feel comfortable.

4. Listen to your body.

This one is key. If you want to feel good after you run, you have to listen to what your body is telling you. Of course, you need to push yourself, but if you aren’t feeling it that day, don’t force yourself to run. Take the day off and you’ll feel a lot better on your next run.

I still use these four tips when I run, and running is now something I look forward to almost every day. So get off your laptop and go for a quick 10-minute run to get started. I promise you’ll feel better!

Marin Scotten

Ryerson '21

Born and raised in Ottawa, ON, Marin moved to Toronto to study journalism as well as play basketball for Ryerson University. Marin has a passion for writing,reading, photography, travel and any outdoor activity.
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