Five Reasons to visit Portugal this summer

By: Alexandria Goncalvez

Portugal is located in the continent of Europe, neighbouring to Spain. There are many reasons as to visit Portugal this summer; not only is the wine and beaches phenomenal, but the history of the country is also very interesting. There are historical facts to learn about Portugal that could cause an appeal to want to visit the beautiful European country. These facts will tell you some of the magnificent things about the country, that may cause you to have a slight interest into visiting and learning about the culture!

The Language

Portugal being the main country for its native language, has allowed for 8 other countries to follow and speak Portuguese as well. These 8 countries consist of: Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe. These places are not just in one location either, they are spread apart all over the world. Which is very interesting, as a Portuguese person myself, I never knew how much of an impact that Portugal had all over the world.


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The Beaches

The beaches in Portugal are some of the most unique all over the world in my opinion. One of the most well-known is Algarve. It is currently known for the massive waves that surfers like to take on. Algarve has almost everything you can imagine that involves Portuguese culture. Portugal has a beautiful coastline, with sun rays and resorts to make your stay even more memorable. The weather during the summer is absolutely stunning, allowing for the visitors to have a memorable stay. You can stay at a resort or really get a feel for the authentic Portuguese culture by staying in an apartment that is usually rented out to tourists.


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Vasco da Gama Bridge

There is a bridge in Portugal that was opened in 1998, it is known for its length of over 10 miles long. It consists of six lanes and is just north of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. It was once the longest bridge in Europe, this bridge goes by the name of the Vasco da Gama bridge. This bridge is a big deal in Portugal because it is named after Portugal’s famous explorer Vasco Da Gama. The reason behind Vasco da Gama’s legacy is that he was the Portuguese explorer that founded the sea route to India all the way back in 1498! It is quite interesting to learn about a country before visiting, especially all the history an old country like Portugal holds.

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Portuguese Cuisine

One of my personal favourites about Portugal and why I love to visit so much is the food! I am a major foodie, I love to try everything at least once. I have to admit though that Portuguese food just is so very unique to me. With many popular dishes and desserts, Portugal has become well known because their food is absolutely to die for! One dish that may not be the most popular but is known country-wide is the Francesinha. It is consists of two pieces of bread, ham, sausage, steak and roast beef in sandwich style. It is then topped with a delicious layer of cheese and a hot thick tomato beer sauce. It is typically serves on a plate with French fries all around it. I may be biased because it is one of my favourite dishes. Alongside our delicious main dishes, is our desserts. Our most well-known is custard tarts that go by the name of Natas, it is quite common for people to know this dessert as you can find them in most grocery stores!

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Our Famous Drink

Our most famous and national drink is Port. It has a very unique process that is made by adding brandy to the wine before the fermentation ends which makes it have a very sweet taste. On top of the delicious sweetness that is in Port it, it tends to pair very well with cheese.

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After visiting my country so many times, I never get sick of the time spent there because of the amount I get to learn and experience. I have had the opportunity to visit many times and I enjoy going back whenever I can. I have talked to many people who have visited the country and always hear positive feedback which fills my heart with joy. One thing I have always hear is that the citizens of Portugal are very kind, when someone visits your homeland you want them to be happy to be there. With that being said, take some time to visit the beautiful country of Europe known as Portugal.

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