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Elevate Your Next Manicure With These Springtime Trends

As each day sees more sunshine and warmer weather, it’s clear spring is in the air. As many of us come out of our winter hibernation, there’s no better way to treat ourselves than with a fresh new manicure. From bold and bright neons to delicate and detailed patterns, your nails are sure to become the new focal point of your fit. 

Whether this is your first nail appointment or your hundredth, here are 10 spring nail trends to get you inspired for the season


Based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of dualism, these yin-yang nails are a neutral yet bold statement. If the pattern may seem like too much at first, try adding the yin-yang pattern as an accent to just one fingernail first.

Sea glass

These semi-opaque sea glass inspired nails are sure to catch a few compliments. Although they’re colourful, these shades of blue and green will pair well with any cool colours or neutral items in your closet. The sky’s the limit with colour, and this design can easily be tailored to your personal style.

A hint of neon

If a French manicure is your go-to, why not switch it up for some bright neons? By adding just a hint of colour to each nail, you’ll instantly enhance your nail game. Inspired by the bright, rich colours we are surrounded with in spring, these nails are also an instant mood booster.

Abstract art

If you’re an art lover and would love to rock a variation of your favourite painting on your nails, then look no further. These abstract nails are a great way to get creative and showcase your own nails, inspired by a fellow artist.

Candied Jell-O

Inspired by Jell-O, clear lip gloss, and jelly handbags, these nails will be your cutest poolside accessory. Although these nails look complicated, they’re easily achieved by mixing your favourite nail colour with clear polish. To really get that glassy finish, glue on clear nail extensions prior to painting.

Geometric neutrals

This is another trend that can be done with absolutely any colour you desire. For a guaranteed excellent result, try pairing a neutral tone with a bright colour.

Polka-dot peaches

If you’re stuck choosing between colours, why not use both? These half circles are a simple, yet effective technique to create the illusion of a much more complicated design. With nails like these, you won’t ever be able to take your eyes off of them.

Multi-coloured mani

Multi-coloured manicures are a great way to showcase an entire colour palette or a variety of colours that you’re currently feeling inspired by. Which colour pallette will you choose to become a staple theme in your next fit?

Lemonade swirls

Spring season is the best time for a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade, so why not use that as some nail art inspiration? These matte yellow swirls are a ton of fun and complement the long days spent outside in the sun.

Designer candy

If you’re a fashion-lover like me, then this nail art design is calling your name. Fashion brand logos are a great nail statement as you’re able to showcase your love for the brand in a unique and creative way. I mean, when labels carry bags that retail for over $8,000, this nail art alternative is a much more affordable option.

It’s time for us to say goodbye to the winter blues! Hopefully, this list of nail trends will get you excited for the warm weather and everything spring related.

Madeleine Law

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Madeleine is a 4th-year student in the Creative Industries program. She has loved being a part of the HerCampus Ryerson team, sharing her love for design, lifestyle and culture through her articles. In her free time she can be found doodling, scrolling through Pinterest or running around with her 4 dogs.
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