A Country Coloured Red


It's been almost two weeks since the world held its breath as the United States elected their 45th president. A campaign season that was filled with scandal, low blows between candidates and laughable debates came to an end. I do not typically follow politics closely, however this election has felt more like a season of the Real Housewives of D.C. and election night was the long anticipated season final. It was as if we were all wondering who America was going to give the final rose to. However, unlike most reality T.V. shows the winner is not going to run one of the most powerful countries in the world. That Tuesday night I struggled to fall asleep, for I could not take my eyes away from a, frequently updating, map marked with red and blue states. With all of the red smeared across the map I stayed hopeful. I am not usually one to pick a side and passionately pursue it. I like to weigh both options and see the opinions of all, with that sentiment  if I lived in America I would have voted for the first female president.

The turning point for me was not Florida, but rather Pennsylvania. For when they moved from Hilary to Trump I had realized it was game over. The apparent land of the free had voted for discrimination, hate and a wall. My personal belief is that hate will never create love, demonizing differences will never encourage unity and placing blame will never inspire justice. I believe hate can only and will only create more hate. What breaks my heart are the sentiments from Americans’ on my social media. All of my feeds are filled with polarizing opinions, each believing the other side is poorly mistaken. Scrolling through my prefered social media, instagram. I was intrigued to read the caption lifestyle blogger Burtsbrisplease posts. I would usually quickly glance at her photo, but that day I read her words about her 2 year old son:


Source: burtsbrisplease Instagram

"Woke up with his little hand on my cheek staring at me, like even he could tell something was up. As a white male raised by straight, white parents, I realize her might never directly feel the impact that this election will have on people for years and years to come. I just seriously hope we raise our boys to stand with and up for your family, friends and strangers who so many voted against yesterday. My heart is truly broken”

I found the simplicity of the remark profoundly heartbreaking. Parents waking up having to explain to their children that a man who preached against them and spat in the face of their race, culture, sexuality and gender will now be their role model. This mother understands the unfortunate reality that because of her son's predicament, he was born privileged and her acknowledgement that it is her duty to raise him up with different ideals than that of their current nation.

The people have spoken. What I believe is the hardest pill to swallow is the realization that such a progressive nation is still so narrow minded. People have blamed Trump for all of the hurt he has spoken along the trail. The media isolating him as the only culprit of these opinions. However, he was just the only one standing at the podium speaking into a microphone, but with every clap and cheer were americans agreeing with his words. He lead a campaign of fear and exploited a country’s divides to gain popularity.

Despite all of the movements and spokespeople Americans just announced that they have made no progress. Apparently gay is still not okay. Women  should still be in the kitchen. All muslims are terrorists and white males should be the only ones with opinions. The country is heartbroken because they have admitted that they have not changed their hearts in 100 years. The scariest thing is that we all know someone who either voted Trump or was a Canadian praying for his reign.

Maybe they will regret their decision when America does not become great again? Or maybe the nation woke up Wednesday morning, looked at each other asking themselves “What did we do?”.  

The bed has been made, but will they be comfortable in it?