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Concert Review: Astroworld

In light of recent events, we’ve rounded up what “concert culture” really means and how it has impacted the entertainment industry.

Concerts are a big part of arts and culture around the globe. They are a place for people to come together and enjoy music from their favourite performers with blinding lights, surround sound and immaculate energy. It is no wonder why there is such a craze of people going to concerts.

However, while there are parts of concert culture that bring people together, there are parts that tear them apart.  

After many months in lockdown, people are finally allowed out once again with lessened restrictions. This means the popularity and desire for concerts have increased dramatically since opening up venues to 100 per cent capacity.

More and more people are lining up outside their favourite venues to experience music in a way they were deprived of for a long time. 

This is where it went wrong for Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival concert earlier this month. His venue was overbooked, leaving people crammed together and gasping for air in tight, barricaded spaces. 

This was not just a problem for LiveNation, the organizers of the event, but also for the careless fans who continued to dance and surge forward against the crowd, resulting in mass injuries and casualties. 

Normally, when such incidents occur, artists and concert crew will stop the show or make sure help arrives quickly. 

Due to the sudden influx of people at Astroworld, this was not possible. People were left on the floor as their bodies were trampled by crowd surges. This occurrence is not often seen, and in fact, is quite rare to happen at concerts. 

Billie Eilish, Adele and A$AP Rocky are some of the few artists who have performed at venues where crowds have been wild. All the performers stopped the show and ensured that medics, security and others trained personnel could assist any person in need.

This was not the case for Astroworld. At a concert where raging is encouraged, the energy of the crowd is different. People are more prone to violence, recklessness and carelessness. Travis Scott even went as far as to say, “You know what you came here to do,” as he started performing his next song while bodies were dropping on the floor from suffocation. 

This type of dynamic needs to change to ensure lives are not lost and people are not hurt. Fans need to be cautious and aware.

Being aware of their surroundings and ensuring that everyone around them is okay, can make the world of a difference. If people go forward with a more selfless attitude, concerts can be enjoyable for everyone attending. 

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

Prisha Dev

Ryerson '25

Prisha is a journalism student who loves writing, travelling, sports, fashion and of course coffee!! She has written for numerous publications varying on many topics. Check out her Instagram for more content @prishadev
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