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Celebrity Skincare: Should We Stop Buying Into the Hype?

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It seems that the new trend among celebrities has been to create skincare lines. Much like the celebrity perfume craze of the 2000s (Britney Spears’ Fantasy – I still love you), everyone from Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Millie Bobby Brown have been jumping at the chance to play esthetician. But aren’t these products just a cash grab in pretty packaging?

Many of the ingredients that are found in celebrity skincare products can actually do more harm than good. In Kylie Skin, the Walnut Face Scrub received scrutiny from dermatologists and estheticians alike for using walnut as an ingredient because of the micro-tears it can cause in the skin, and the added risk of over-exfoliation which can cause peeling. When it comes to this product and many others like it, we have to start questioning not only what is actually in the product, but how it is any different from the others on the market. Are there active ingredients in these products like hyaluronic acid, AHA, BHA or vitamin C, which are actually proven to improve skin texture and minimize dark spots? If not, it’s probably better to opt for something else that will truly be beneficial. 

Celebrities are commended for their youthful looks, and while they may seem like they would be the skincare experts we need, we don’t always acknowledge that maintaining their appearance is a full-time job. Their skin isn’t clear just because of their skincare regimen, but primarily because they have dermatologists, procedures and treatments to keep them looking the way they do. When Kylie Jenner released her line Kylie Skin, consumers weren’t only buying her brand, but also her lifestyle and her appearance, so that they, too, could be like Kylie Jenner. While this thought may be appealing, that lifestyle won’t be found in her moisturizer. 

Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity who has hopped on the bandwagon with JLo Beauty. Olive oil is an essential ingredient in her products as well as in her daily life to help ensure the skin’s suppleness. In addition to olive oil, earlier this year, Lopez revealed the five other things she does to stay young, which are “sleep, sunscreen, serums, supplements, and vivir sano,” which is Spanish for “living a healthy lifestyle.” We’re kidding ourselves if we believe that at 52 that is all she has to do. Even besides skin treatments, Lopez, and every other celebrity, has a team of agents working around the clock to ensure that they exercise, get enough sleep, eat healthy and have their makeup done so that they can look presentable at all times. This is not to shame celebrities for trying to adhere to the beauty standards which are constantly imposed on women, but there needs to be a greater sense of transparency. As everyday people who are trying to juggle life without a team of assistants, olive oil isn’t going to cut it. 

With this influx of celebrity skincare lines, there is an overwhelming amount of different products demanding to be tried. Not only can this set your skin back by trying to make all these new products work for you, but it’s also becoming so wasteful. All the time, new products are being released, only to be replaced by something newer shortly after. Yearly, the beauty and cosmetics industry produces an estimated 120 billion units of plastic packaging – and unfortunately, not all of it is recyclable. Let’s make sure we’re being mindful as to what we put, not only on our faces, but in the landfills, too.

Before buying your favourite celebrity’s “life-changing” products, make sure you do your due diligence and research their products to see if they deserve a spot in your skincare routine. In the meantime, celebrities should invest their time and money into greener projects that won’t clutter the landfill.

I think we can live without Pete Davidson Skin.

Maria Couto

Ryerson '22

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