Celebrity-Approved Winter Fashion

Now that the holiday season is behind us and spring is, well, pretty far off, the novelty of the wintertime has worn off for most of us. It’s usually around this time of year that people start to experience some fashion fatigue - you know, when you find yourself reaching for the same sweater and jeans all week long? It’s easy to fall into that kind of pattern; the mornings are cold and it’s much simpler to just grab something that you know will keep you warm and cozy than to plan out a warm-yet-chic outfit. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be so hard - you probably have lots of fashion-forward winter pieces, all you need is some inspiration to put them together.

Yara Shahidi




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Yara Shahidi’s look doesn’t scream ‘warmth’ per se, but it’s the perfect refresh to your go-to sweater and jeans. She’s wearing a basic black turtleneck with a super trendy pair of wide leg jeans and a very cool pair of statement earrings. To make this look winter-proof, add a pair of tights under the jeans and opt for a warm turtleneck, cinched with a statement belt instead of a cropped one like Yara’s. Adding a pair of dangly earrings makes the outfit look classic and put-together - definitely not your average sweater-and-jeans combo.

Steal her style:

Black Turtleneck//Wide Leg Jeans//Statement Earrings//Belt


Gigi Hadid




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I’m a firm believer that adding a structured coat to an outfit instantly makes it look expertly put-together and polished. Patterns like plaid, houndstooth and checks are also a huge winter trend, so this checks off so many boxes for easy winter style. The best part is that the coat does all the work, so you can keep it simple and even layer up on the sweaters for extra warmth. Gigi wears her coat with a black sweater and leggings (which I would recommend swapping out for jeans - or even wearing black jeans over the leggings), and black Doc Martens. For accessories, she’s wearing tortoiseshell sunnies and a white bag - both of which can be duped for cheap!

Steal her style:

Coat//Sunnies//Alternate Sunnies//Boots//Bag


Hailey Bieber




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Hailey makes this outfit look effortlessly chic - and it is! She’s paired a neutral turtleneck with a pair of comfy jeans, layered over a huge teddy coat and topped it off with a statement beanie. This look allows you to stay warm and cozy (the turtleneck and teddy coat will definitely do the trick), while still incorporating fun winter trends, like a statement accessory and layering neutrals.

Steal her style:



Jazzmyne Jay

Jazzmyne has some of the coolest street-style around, and her winter looks are no exception. Her Instagram is filled with re-creatable looks, but I chose this one as a go-to for styling a dress for the cold. Jazzmyne layered this trendy leopard print dress over a sleek black turtleneck and paired it with a pair of combat boots for a look that’s both edgy and fashion forward. For extra warmth, layer a pair of tights underneath the dress.

Steal her style:

Turtleneck//Leopard//Dress Boots


If you like these looks, save them to your phone and use them as inspiration the next time you’re feeling uninspired in the morning! Thanks for reading!