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The Best Female Music Artists for Every Mood

By Fiona Stone


Sometimes, you just need to listen to a woman’s music. I hope I’m not alone on that one. There is just the odd mood I get in where I just can’t listen to a man. I get angry at my own playlists just feel the need to yell “WHERE ARE ALL THE WOMEN” out loud at my phone. Luckily, I remembered that I can make MORE playlists if I want and they can be all women if I want. To keep your search for new music short, here are some wonderful women in music for any kind of mood.

When you want to feel like a powerful woman…

This mood usually comes when I’m wearing statement lipstick and shoes with a heel, so you can hear me coming. No boy can look me in the eye. I drink my coffee black. I walk like I’m in a music video. Cool Girl by Tove Lo mysteriously plays wherever I go. No one can touch me.


Jillian Rose Banks, known just by her last name, has only been in the game since 2013, her debut album Goddess was released in 2014. But since then, she’s becomes the icon for badass women in music. Her music feels dark and rich and full of meaning, and it sounds like an anthem to remember who tf you are.

Songs to start with: Weaker Girl, Poltergeist, F*ck With Myself, Brain, Goddess


Kehlani began with releasing mixtapes, which garnered her a Grammy nomination, but if her sheer starpower was any indication, she would only be going up from there. She released a full-length studio album titled SweetSexySavage in 2017. Kehlani had a hard past and has struggled with a lot regarding her circumstances, but has risen up as a successful queer woman of colour, which is the kind of inspiration we could always use at times like this.

Songs to start with: CRZY, Honey, Piece of Mind, Personal

When it’s Friday night and you’re doing your makeup…

I know this is why I take so long to get ready. If you’re going to do a good beat, you need a good beat to listen to. Don’t blame me if you mess up your eyeliner because you can’t control your dancing.


I first discovered Dagny because she opened for a band I went to see and she — without a doubt — out-performed the headliner. You might have heard an acoustic version of her song on Grey’s Anatomy, seen her blonde hair and flawless complexion fronting Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD Foundation campaign at Sephora, or read her name on Billboard’s Top 100 Songs of 2017. Sadly she doesn’t have a full album out yet, but when she’s taking over the world, I’ll be proud that I saw her live first.

Songs to start with: Backbeat, Too Young, Wearing Nothing, Ultraviolet


Raffaela Weyman, known as Ralph, is another artist I discovered when she opened for a band. I have a soft spot for Canadian artists,and even better, she’s from Toronto. She just released her first full-length album, A Good Girl, on September 28 which means I have no shortage of bops and no shortage of her sparkling vocals.

Songs to start with: GIMME, Living for Yourself, Cold to the Touch, Crocodile Tears

When it’s a sunny Saturday…

…And you usually haven’t been out all night. But sometimes you have! It’s the ride to brunch, the ride to the farmer’s market. In my head it’s a sunny spring day that has begun to get warm but isn’t like hot-hot yet. You catch my drift? It’s HAPPY music.


I just started listening to Shura and all I have to say is, wow. Shura’s music is a synth-pop dream. I would describe it as pop with feeling.

Songs to start with: Nothing’s Real, What’s It Gonna Be, Tongue Tied

Oh Wonder

Full disclosure, Oh Wonder is a male-female duo, but at the forefront of vocals is Josephine Vander Gucht, and that’s what counts to me (but if you’re going to riot over the headline, Josephine also makes solo music as LAYLA). Oh Wonder have been the march-to-the-beat-of-your-own-drum type since their first album, where they released one song every month until the album was complete. If that’s not proof enough for you, their music is hard to pin down genre-wise: part electro-pop, part coffee-shop music. Oh Wonder described by yours truly, sounds like music that saturates itself in the emotion it tries to portray.

Songs to start with: Ultralife, Lifetimes, Drive, Without You


Broods is also a female-male duo with a woman at the vocal forefront. Georgia Josiena Nott and her older brother make music for happy times. Their sound from Evergreen to Conscious doesn’t lose sight of this, and their lead single off the next album shows no sign of sad melodies. Despite being dropped from their American record label, this duo is back to remind you that everything’s looking peachy. No matter who’s going to recognize their talent, it’ll be there waiting.

Songs to start with: Heartlines, Free, Mother & Father, L.A.F, Peach

When you need to listen to sad music that isn’t men complaining…

Is sulking good for you? Probably not. Does it feel good? Very much so. You just gotta listen to a sad song sometimes. I feel you girl. Pass the ice cream.

Phoebe Bridgers

If there was any artist on this list that I would recommend you just listen to their whole album to get the full mood, it would be Phoebe Bridgers’ album Stranger In The Alps. A tragic and beautiful album full of ballads and the saddest songs you’ve ever heard, Bridgers will bring back everything sad that’s ever happened to you. It will make you sad about things that never happened to you, my friend said it will make you see the bad things differently. But don’t get me confused: this album is absolutely beautiful.

Songs to start with: Funeral, Scott Street, Smoke Signals, Chelsea


The saddest part about SOAK’s music is how long it’s been since her last album– granted, it was only three years ago, but it feels like forever. In 2015, Bridie Monds-Watson dubbed herself SOAK and released a couple of singles before releasing her first album Before We Forgot How To Dream. Her vocals are reminiscent of Billie Eilish but her songs are a category on their own. You have to hear it to believe a 19-year-old (at the time) could have such a beautiful voice and such meaningful lyrics.

Songs to start with: B a Nobody, Wait, 24 Windowed House, Shuvels​

I say you should give my list a try, but if you think I missed an artist or a whole category you can find me on Instagram and Twitter @fionapebble. I’m always open to requests. Happy listening! (unless you’re looking at the last category, then sulk away, girl)

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