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Achieving the “Model Off-Duty” Look

By: Odia Melissa Nyembo

If you’re on the go, in a rush or just want to look effortlessly put together, then the “Model Off-Duty” look is definitely something you should try. You can often catch your favourite super models like Gigi Hadid or Duckie Thot rocking this easy natural look when they aren’t walking the runway or posing in your favourite magazine. This kind of look is super simple and can be achieved in 5 steps (or less depending on your technique).


The look won’t work without a good base. You don’t have to have perfect skin but you can absolutely fake it. Start with a strobe cream which is a moisturizer and a highlighter all in one. Then top it off with a light to medium coverage foundation. At the end your face should look like its glowing from within rather than cakey.

BONUS: If you want a little extra depth to your face, use a bronzer or contour stick

Product Recommendation:

MAC Strobe Cream

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation OR Maybelline Fit Me Foundation




Brows shape your face so it’s a step you shouldn’t skip. If you have thin brow, then lightly fill them in and use some brow jell to make sure they stay in place. If you are gifted with Cara Delevingne eyebrows, then just lightly brush them out.

Product Recommendation:

NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Glossier Boy Brow



Put a layer or two of mascara on the top and bottom of your lashes and your golden. If you want a little more depth then use your bronzer as eyeshadow and maybe add shimmer into the mix if you feeling a little fancy.

Products Recommendation :

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara



Just like the rest of the look, keep your lip colour simple. A lip-gloss is the way to go but if you’re a lipstick person then definitely go for a nude that suits you.

BONUS: If you are anything like me and want your look to stand out a little, then experimenting with a different lip colour is your best bet. Personally I love a red matte lip.

Product Recommendation:

Glossier Lipgloss


FENTY BEAUTY Stunna Lip Paint

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