Accessories That Will Help Make Your Spring Cleaning More Sustainable

I have just started practicing some mindful efforts into my daily life to be more sustainable, and here are a few ways that you too can start to be, just in time for the Spring cleaning season:

  1. 1. Use more eco-friendly cleaning products:

    It might seem easier and practical to get cleaning products from the store rather than utilizing businesses such as The Peeled Pantry that are based online. But, once you take a look at the range of products that they carry, from dishwasher tabs to recycled paper towels, you’ll probably never go back to the store again. Their services are relatively simple to navigate online as well: you pick all of the goods that you want, they get delivered to your door and once they're empty they can be picked up and replaced. According to their website, this is how they contribute to creating a “lower-emission, plastic-free, and sustainable Canada.”

  2. 2. Invest in sustainable candles:

    I like to start any warmer season off with a new set of scents and candles are an integral part of the process. I have often found ways to repurpose used candles but I was still sourcing them from bigger and less sustainable brands. Discovering the unique and affordable set of scents that White Deer has to offer was a life-saver. These candles are hand-poured in British Columbia and offer a wide range of scents that you can easily choose from. Also, the tins that they are poured in can be reused as cute storage or decor items!

  3. 3. Don’t throw away that old sweater just yet!

    Another super simple step to include in your spring cleaning is trying to repurpose the old clothes that you don’t want before you choose to throw them out or donate. You can sew any holes that are easy to, cut up and use old clothes as welcome mats or pillows (place stuffing in them). One thing I like to do is cut up clothes that I know I won’t need anymore and use them as cleaning rags for my room. On the other hand, if you’re looking to expand your spring wardrobe, consider investing in thrift or vintage items, especially because older trends are making their way back.