8 Items Every Girl Should Have In Their Fall Wardrobe

It saddens me to see summer go, but with the bittersweet ending of shorts and flowy dresses comes every girl's favourite season: Fall.  What makes the cool temperature and crisp air preferable? It is the simple fact that the changing of leaves allows girls to wear the COMFIEST clothing. Who doesn’t want to look cute while feeling like they never left their PJ’s?  Here are 8 pieces every gal should have in their wardrobe this Fall.

A Denim Jacket. Primary seen over floral dresses in the spring, but don’t shove it to the back of your closet just yet. A solid denim jacket acts like your favourite pair of jeans: comfortably worn in, super versatile and doesn’t need to be washed after every use.  The piece adds structure and form to your favourite thick turtleneck but doesn't make you feel boxed in. A dark wash works with every classic autumn colour. Burgundy anyone?


A Knit Hat. What do you do when you're late for your lecture and dry shampoo just doesn't seem to be enough? Have no fear, a cute slouchy beanie will save the day. Cute, stylish and hides all signs of grease.

A Massive Cardigan. I am comfortable with admitting that I am a cardigan addict. I adore the fact that I can wear them with anything from a dress to sweatpants. With cardigans the bigger the better. If it could be confused for a blanket, then you know you are on the right track. A cozy cardigan can make any piece fall appropriate.

A Scarf. I mean a scarf that overtakes the top half of your body. It’s perfect for hiding a coffee stain that might have been created running to class, trust me I know from experience. A good scarf makes you warm, cute and comfy. It is the trifecta of fall attire. The best part is it works for EVERYTHING! Seriously, it can be added to any outfit. It could also double as a pillow if morning classes are a struggle.

Plaid Everything. Aren’t you glad for plaid? I thank my lucky stars that something as comfy as a flannel shirt will always be in style for fall. All I want in life is a comfy (not see through) pair of leggings and a long flannel. That is the lazy girl"s dream. Plaid is good not just in shirt form but also shoes, shirts, scarves. If you can think of it, it probably looks great in plaid.

A Neutral Coat. What I love about a trench coat is that it is a perfect layering piece and it is warm. It also works in every colour, you name it and it looks bomb. Black, forest green, tan, white, etc.


A Sweater To Layer.  Layers on layers on layers. Bulk up because “Baby it’s cold outside”. Mix and match patterns, prints and textures. They look like you put so much effort when all you really did was throw on two shirts and roll up a sleeve. Fall weather often fluctuates throughout the day, so if you are on campus and over heating you can take off one piece and boom you still look cute as heck!

A Pair Of Joggers. Pants that are cute but still barely pants. If you haven't invested in this trend, do so now. They are socially acceptable sweatpants - the ultimate optical illusion. You're sure to look like a comfy A-lister!

Autumn is the ultimate season for us lazy girls because casual is the goal! I personally believe that all fall attire works together because of the amount of neutrals. It seems like if a leaf turns the same colour it is all of a sudden a neutral. University is hard enough don’t waste time being uncomfortable. Be cute and comfy so take advantage of this season and not needing to shave your legs. Complete your outfit with a pumpkin spice latte.