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7 Period Snacks for the Soul

When I’m on my period I always want to eat everything junk food, at all times. My boyfriend thinks I want a Big Mac (I mean, I did) and seconds later I’ll want a chocolate bar, a back rub and Sailor Moon on repeat. My cravings are almost always anything but healthy. The crazy change of eating habits and quality of food can have a profound effect on how my body seems to function. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I do bleed monthly and know my body changes when my diet does. And boy, does my diet change when the red devil pays a visit. 

Here are 7 period snacks that are so easy to make you’ll be back in front of the screen before your show’s opening is done! Plus, you’ll have snacks.

Raspberries with dark chocolate chips

This is a game changer. Just put a chocolate chip inside the little pocket of each raspberry. These crimson babies are so high in fibre and the dark chocolate is anti-inflammatory. Plus it satisfies that raging sweet tooth without all of that sugar slowing you down.

Peanut butter, banana and dark chocolate rollups

Another one that is exactly what it sounds like! I toast some multigrain bread, flatten it with my hand and then cover the slice with pb. I thinly slice my bananas, arrange them on the slice and sprinkle some good ‘ol chocy chips on there. Then I roll it up. I usually pair this with a glass of my fav dairy substitute!

Cucumbers with vinegar and salt

Okay, I know this one sounds weird. But if you love salt and vinegar chips like me, this will change your life. I thinly slice my cucumbers, but not too thin, you still want them to snap and crunch. Then I pour some vinegar on top and season with salt. The thing I love about this one is it’s so customizable you can tailor to your taste. Throw some dill on there if you’re feeling fancy. 

Avocado with Balsamic Vinegar

Cut that sucker in half, remove the pit and you’ll be left with a lovely well to pour balsamic into. I use a spoon to scoop out a little avo and vinegar in each bite. It’s also a built in bowl so you don’t have to do as many dishes! Avocados are also loaded with fibre, which is great if you get constipated when your period comes.


I don’t mean that bagged stuff. I mean legit popped corn. It’s easy, healthy and you can freestyle over the beat it makes while it’s popping. But for real, get a pot with a little bit of oil. Add your kernels to the preheated pot and then pop the lid on until the popping slows. You can add a little bit of melted butter or salt, but it won’t need much. It’s also got lots of fibre! We love a happy tummy.

Avocado with Rice Crackers 

Get that avocado out it’s skin. Bold. Now break it up with a spoon. It can be lumpy, chunky is beautiful. Add some of my favourite simple seasonings, salt, pepper and lime. It’s lazy, but it’s a clean chip dip that takes seconds. I scoop up the chunks of avocado with rice crackers for a satisfying crunch. It honestly tastes just as good when I eat it with cucumbers instead.

Apple Salad

Similar to the watermelon salad. Watermelon is going out of season, but this is just as good with apples! It’s almost fall, and this is their time to shine. I pre-slice fruits and put them in containers, for apples you add lemon or lime juice to stop the browning. Then, I take my desired portion, crumble some feta cheese on top and squirt some extra lemon. It’s refreshing, it’s sweet, it’s crunchy. 

My main recommendation is this: Prep your fav healthy snacks. I find I’m too lazy, especially on my period, to put effort into my meals. This is why I end up ordering out. If all of these sound horrific to you, think of your favourite whole foods. These are foods that don’t have to be manipulated or changed much to be consumed. Then come up complementary combinations to make your own recipes. 

I also propose a toast. To get the cheat meal, yes. But to avoid cheat days. Let’s eat better together. If your mind is less foggy during an already draining time, you’ll have more energy to do the things that bring you joy. We could all use that extra boost right now!

A freelance writer that ate a musical theatre kid. My bark is my bite.
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