7 Halloween Attractions to Check Out in the GTA

Sweater weather has been amidst us for almost a month now and there is one special holiday around the corner: Halloween! This is the time of year where demons come out to play, and kids parade around residential areas with a huge sweet tooth.

Whether Halloween is your favourite holiday or least favourite holiday, there is no denying that the one of the best feelings in the entire world is adrenaline pumping through your veins. What better thrill to seek than that of a haunted house? Maybe even a maze? What about a simulation? I’ve searched high and low for seven of the most spine-tingling stomach-turning Halloween attractions that the Greater Toronto Area has to offer, so grab your friends and family and get ready to be scared. 


(Image from Bingemans Screampark) 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be buried alive? Or to go into a haunted house to be met with the realization that there’s only one way out-- eight haunted houses down the road? This one is for the folks who can endure a real fright this Halloween. Located in Kitchener, Ont., Screampark is home to nine back-to-back terrifying simulations, each one scarier than the next. These “testing sites” are as gory as can be and provide no time for relaxation-- Once you’re in, there’s a small chance you’ll make it out!

Tickets: $25

Dates: Oct. 5-7, 12-14. 18-21, 23-28

Halloween Haunt

(Image from Canada's Wonderland) 

Possibly the most classic Halloween attraction, Canada’s Wonderland opens its doors to all clowns, witches, and zombies roaming the streets of Vaughan! This theme park, or should I say, “scream park” is open every weekend in October. With nine mazes, including Bloodshed and Code Red, as well as dozens of live shows, this tourist destination is not one to miss out on! Don’t worry, the roller coasters are still accessible, even on these brisk fall nights.

Tickets: $36

Dates: October 1-31


(Image from Screemers.ca)

Want an event that will not disappoint, rain or shine? Screemers is the place to go! Located in the Scream Elizabeth Building at the Exhibition Place, Screemers is a chilling attraction going on its 26th year of frights. Attendees get the chance to witness The Kill Show, a brand new illusion act, as well as take part in seven haunted attractions and unlimited rides! Slasher Wax Museum and Zombie Prizon are two terrifying mazes sure to send goosebumps down your spine!

Tickets: $34

Dates: Oct. 5-6, 12-13, 19-21, 25-31

Fright Fest

(Image from Saunders Farm) 

During the day, Saunders Farm may be home to little children picking apples off of super-tall trees and couples snuggling up together on the hayride, but at night, Saunders Farm unleashes its most dangerous creatures; With five haunts, a tavern, food, drinks— and even live shows— Saunders Farm is sure to be everyone’s slice of pie this fall!

Tickets: $40

Dates: Every Friday-Saturday in October as well as the week leading up to Halloween (24-31)

Haunted Walk Toronto

(Image from Haunted Walk) 

If you believe in ghosts and are a fan of the Ouija board— don’t worry— you aren’t alone! Toronto is famous for its Haunted Walk, which occurs throughout the entire year, but is e even more terrifying during Halloween. There are different options and settings, like hotels, streets and houses deemed as ‘haunted’ which have been set up for those brave enough to take part in this attraction; if that isn’t scary enough, a graveyard walk in the foggy evening is sure to do the trick. You can pick the starting location best for you amidst downtown Toronto and go about your walk! Beware: watch out for creepy crawlies and loud cackles!

Tickets: $23.75

Dates: Oct 1-31

Legends of Horror

(Image from Legends of Horror) 

Visiting a castle is one thing—visiting a castle during spooky season is another! Casa Loma, a castle located in Toronto is awfully eerie at night-- especially with demons lurking around every corner. This Halloween, treat yourself to the Legends of Horror attraction that Casa Loma has to offer; you will walk through winding castle halls and take a visit to the dark depths of the basement. With aesthetic adaptation from the workers performing a sequence of mysterious yet enjoyable shows, having “the time of your life” at Legends of Horror is an understatement.

Tickets: $40

Dates: September 28-October 31

Martino Manor Haunted House

Ever felt like you would die for a slice of pizza? Well this October, Mama Martino’s will take you up on that offer! The well-known family-run pizza establishment on Queensway in Etobicoke is home to delicious Italian food-- and now, possibly zombies! Right behind this restaurant is a quaint little home turned haunted house, promised to be one for the books. A corn maze right behind the house is the perfect way to end off a chilled October night while making some memories!

Tickets: $25.00 (Cash)

Dates: Oct 5-7, 12-14, 18-21, 25-31


I’m sure that by now, one of these insane attractions have caught your attention. Not to worry, there’s still a few more weeks of haunted horror left to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Get out of your chair or off of your bed and go enjoy! Make sure to have a truly terrifying time and don’t scare yourself to death!