4 Ways To Make Money From Your Home

Having been laid off from my part-time sales associate job due to another lockdown, I finally decided to find more creative ways to make money while staying at home. I have set a lot of financial goals for 2021, and I’m not going to let the unpredictability of this pandemic deter me from achieving my goals and neither should you! I have tried 2 out of the 4 sources of income listed below and had relatively good success with each. All of these income sources cater to a variety of students with different skills and interests, so I’m sure you will find something suitable for you. They aren’t necessarily side hustles as they demand a lot more time and effort, so keep that in mind as you continue reading. 

  1. 1. Virtual Assisting

    If administrative work is your forte, and you love answering emails, helping manage a company’s social media, create blog posts among other menial but necessary tasks then you should consider working as a virtual assistant. Keep in mind this is a business venture that you need to put some time and effort into launching your website, and possibly offering your skills for free before you will see some revenue come in, but as someone who is also currently pursuing this I can guarantee that it is well worth the time and financial investment, businesses are constantly looking for help with online tasks. You can choose how many services you will provide and your rate of pay. You are your own BOSS for a job like this which can be exciting to some but stressful to others. You just need a good functional laptop and then you're ready for business. 

    Difficulty: 4 out of 5

  2. 2. ESL Teaching 

    If you have a great working laptop and/or computer with a webcam, a native proficiency in english and a passion for interacting with children of various ages then I recommend you sign up to be an online ESL teacher. There are a variety of different companies to choose from and the pay is fairly good. Most will require applicants with a completed bachelor's degree with the exception of companies like Cambly, and Magic Ears which accepts post-secondary students currently pursuing a bachelors. I work at Magic Ears and have had a good experience thus far, the hours are unconventional, you will be required to wake up before dawn or stay up past 8pm. But if this isn’t a turn off to you and you don’t want the stress of starting your own business just to make a side income then I recommend you look into teaching ESL. 

    Difficulty: 2 out of 5

  3. 3. Sell things on Etsy

    If you are very crafty, artistic and have been complimented on something you have DIYed, then why not consider building that on a larger scale and selling it online?  Esty shops contain everything from bracelets, stickers to phone cases and notebooks. Of course this is definitely a lot more time consuming, it will require you to promote your products on social media to increase sales and invest some money to get started. I’ve seen a lot of post-secondary students who’ve had success selling on etsy earning about $3k each month. Don’t underestimate your creations and the ability to generate revenue from your work. With everyone still spending most of their time at home online shopping is at its peak now more than ever before, so definitely jump on this bandwagon you will be surprised with how much you can make! 

    Difficulty: 4 out of 5

  4. 4. Start your own YouTube Channel

    It’s no secret that all your favourite youtubers have luxurious lives, and that's because this platform pays well for creators. You can generate income from youtube adsense and sponsorships among a multitude of other ways including selling merchandise, and patreon memberships. As college students this might be a difficult pursuit, however there are a multitude of college youtubers who prove that it’s not impossible, it requires A LOT more ambition, grit and consistency, which are the reasons my own youtube venture failed. Once you can commit to creating a video once or even twice a week you will start to see your subscriber count increase. And while the platform is incredibly oversaturated, there is still a way to make yourself stand out and generate an audience. There are dozens of videos on youtube about the ways to start a youtube channel in 2021, so if you have been thinking about doing this for a while, I want this to be your sign to get started! It’s never too late. 

    Difficulty: 5 out of 5