4 Job Summer Opportunities You Need to Consider

Have you started to think about your summer plans yet? If you haven’t already, well now is the best time to start! Employers are already hiring students for full time summer positions. Yes, it can be stressful choosing where to apply and knowing what job fits your needs. Ultimately you want a job that you typically enjoy and pays well, all while having a great summer outside of work too. Threw my years of working I have had multiple jobs in different fields. To make your decision a little easier, here are the pros and cons of my past job experiences.


I worked at subway for 2 years throughout my high school years. This job consisted of being a “sandwich artist,” a lot cleaning and obviously customer service. Summer attracted a lot of tourists to the town which was great for businesses but made the days extremely tiring. The pay was only minimum wage. The upside of every shift is that you get a free sandwich, how awesome is that?! Overall my experience at Subway was a good and I learned a lot however it is definitely not my dream job.


I served at a restaurant for the last two summers. Not gonna lie, but this job was a lot of work but worth the pay. Washing dishes, serving tables and operating the cash got super overwhelming at times however the tips made it worth it. If you’re looking for a job that pays over minimum wage, I would recommend serving. If you save your tips and wages over the summer you will definitely make bank for the year.



If you love the outdoors this is the job for you! I worked at Lake Superior Provincial Park last summer as a maintenance worker. The job wasn’t the greatest since I was cleaning washroom and doing yard work but my coworkers made it worth it! There are also positions such as gate attendant, office work and trail maintenance. I met so many great people through this job and made some really close friends. There were also so many things to do after work like hiking, lots of swimming, and camping. However the pay was only minimum wage. Overall this was my most fun summer job even if the wage was not the best.



I am so excited to work at a resort this summer. I will be working at the Algonquin Resort in Saint-Andrews New Brunswick. There are so many resorts around the world that have accommodations and hire summer students. This is such a great opportunity to meet people your age and experience a new place. There are also lots of options for jobs at every resort such as serving, housekeeping, front desk and so much more. If you’re looking for a new adventure all while making money this is the ideal job for you. Here is a link for summer jobs at resorts in Muskoka.