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4 Clothing Lines With a Statement

 It’s been a tough week for everyone, and it’s been hard to think about anything but the American election and what the results mean for Canada, our loved ones, and the whole world. I’ve been feeling a bit helpless, and if you have too, I’ve curated a couple of fashion companies that your money will help make a difference for.


  1. KAELEN 

KAELEN, a company started by Canadian designer Kaelen Haworth, focuses on minimalist styles exploring masculine/feminine and modern/traditional dichotomies. KAELEN has vowed to donate all proceeds from items purchased on its website to an organization of your choice from a selection of 14 choices. Options include Planned Parenthood, National Immigration Law Center, and Black Lives Matter. They’ve called this their #LOVETRUMPSHATE campaign, and to motivate purchases, they’ve knocked 75% off all items on their website. So if you planned on changing up your wardrobe anyway, you can do so while also helping out an organization or issue that is close to your heart.


2. Adorned by Chi

Jacque Amadi is the mastermind behind this business. A self-proclaimed lady boss, she’s an entrepreneur and blogger who opened up Adorned by Chi after the success of a previous online vintage boutique. Adorned by Chi is a one-of-a-kind shop with a feminine edge to its clothing. Their clothing contains messages of black pride (a popular shirt slogan is “Black & Proud”), so buying from this shop ensures you’re giving your money to a company that supports black confidence, something that is unfortunately a rare thread in the fashion industry right now. 



IKHWAA, described as an Islam-inspired clothing line, is filled with clothing with a message. Shirts branded with “Free Palestine” and “GAZA” are just a couple examples. Buy from this company to send a message about your own beliefs, and to contribute to a grassroots company working towards more representation in the fashion industry with a unique angle.


4. The Golden Life Clothing

Started by viner and online presence Demetrius Harmon, The Golden Life Clothing is made for anyone with a dream. Harmon created the line to give those striving towards achieving those dreams something to represent. The clothing also carries a message of encouragement and hope for those struggling with mental illness and wellness, such as shirts with the slogan “You Matter”. His “Be Happy” sweatshirts and hats correspond with a short film he created addressing issues of mental health as well. By supporting The Golden Life Clothing, you’re supporting a young entrepreneur who has devoted his time and efforts to giving people hope.

We live in a world driven by capitalism, whether that’s something you want or not, so one really strong way to take a stand on the issues you believe in is to buy from companies that support those causes, indirectly or directly. The post-election world is going to be very different from what we’re used to, but by supporting your local businesses and companies run by minorities, you can diminish the negative impact certain legislative motions or social changes may have on the success of their businesses.


“Every dollar you spend . . . or don’t spend . . . is a vote you cast for the world you want.” – L.N. Smith

Julia is a third year journalism student who writes about arts, culture and her own personal failures.
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