Tapping into your Divine Feminine Energy

There is so much power in being a woman. This has become the mantra I’ve repeated to myself the amount of times necessary to internalize it within this patriarchal and misogynistic world. A woman who is in tune with her divine feminine energy has the power to take over the world. Once you understand and believe this, you can conquer anything.  

Everyone has two types of energies flowing within them, regardless of gender. Since birth, we’ve become undoubtedly aware of the divine masculine energy our modern culture focuses on. The act of doing, pushing forward, working hard, producing results, and being a go-getter are the core focal points within this energy. While it is important to plant yourself within these, it is important, especially as a woman, to not neglect the second half of our energies needed to center ourselves.

Just like yin and yang, you need two contrasting energies to compliment and complete one another. Many of us, myself included, find ourselves often feeling like we will get left behind if we aren’t working hard constantly, and driving results. But sometimes you can get so caught up in your divine masculine that you forget to nurture the equally important divine feminine as well, and you suffer.

A woman embodied within her feminine energy is a vessel of love, softness, compassion, self-care, calmness, intuition, and sensuality. Being in touch with this energy has the power to make a difference in the world.  A woman in touch with this energy has the foundation to achieve her goal, be a leader, and create transformation. By activating this power within, the full power our feminine sensuality becomes essentials in healing ourselves, and ultimately the world.

Imagine a world with an overflow of people who interact from a divine feminine foundation. Imagine if more women embraced the energy brewing inside them leading to a radical revolution of sensuality and empowerment, without shame. Imagine if more women loved themselves deeply, lived within a space of compassion, were connected to their intuition, and allowed themselves to remain fully, and completely present. This could ultimately lead to an uproar of empowerment within the world.

That can happen, and it ultimately starts with you.

There are a million ways to tap into your divine feminine energy.  Some use tarot cards to ask questions to a higher power to receive insight into your relationship with your divine feminine. Others use crystals to center themselves within this energy as well. Others use meditation and mantra techniques to connect with your breath allowing you to tune into the frequency of this energy.

Some other ways I find that help me tap into this energy is listening to soft music, throwing on your favorite lingerie set, and seeing first hand the beauty and power within your femininity. Get in touch with the music, and take note of exactly how it makes you feel. By getting lost within your soft sensuality strengthened by the music and letting it pour into yourself is proven to help you unleash your inner goddess. This will ultimately leave you feeling empowered, strong, and ready to conquer the world--one woman at a time.