The Best Gift for V-Day

V-Day is approaching and although chocolates and flowers are nice, we all know what's nicer. . . mind-blowing sex.

Here are some of the best sex positions for the occasion:


Best Positions for the Hook-Up


Backdoor Planking

This position is similar to doggy, but allows for more g-spot stimulation and increases the chance of experiencing a squirting orgasm. This position is good for a first time hook-up becasue it is easy like Missionary, but less intimate. 

How To: Partner lies on their stomach with a pillow under their waste and legs positioned close together. The other partner should penetrate from behind; whenever legs are closer together, there is a tighter, more stimulating entrance for both parties. 


Calves Around Neck

This position is not only sexy because you can impress your hook-up with your flexibility, but allows for deep penetration. 

How To: Basically start off in Missionary, but have the partner laying down raise their legs to where the calves are resting on the other’s shoulders. Because of the ability to penetrate deeper in this position, make sure to start off slow to see how much you can handle. 


The Oh So Easy Cowgirl

This position is easy to execute and allows for clitoral and vaginal stimulation. 

How To: You’re on top while your partner lies on their back. Cowgirl can be intimidating for someone who isn’t used to being on top. To build confidence, tease your partner by lowering slowly onto them never fully resting against their thighs until you can tell they can’t handle it. It will not only be hot, but will empower you while on top.


Best Positions for the Cliche’ Intimate V-Day Date



This position is very intimate and sensual. You are able to make eye contact and hold each other in a caring embrace. This position also lets you bury your face in your partner's chest to muffle the love making moans (; 

How To: Have your partner sit down (on a bed or a chair), sit in your partner's lap facing each other. You can choose to be in a strattle position or wrap your legs around your partner’s waist.


The Fork While Spooning

This position can be romantic and is personally one of my favorites to do with a long time partner. The best part about this position is your partner can hold you close to their body.Or, you can pull away a bit and look back at them intimately while you both go at it. 

How To: Get into a spooning position, you may have to bend your knees a bit so that your partner can penetrate easier. If you wanna switch it up, you can lift open up the leg you aren’t laying on and have your partner help you by holding your thigh up. This position is good to do when you are both full and exhaused from the corny date you just went on.  


The Missona(nal)ry

Missionary is a common position for a reason. It is easy and insanely intimate because you can make constant eye contact with your partner. Missiona(nal)ry is a great position for couples who want to try something new but don’t want to loose the romantic factor that can often times disappear when you try anal. How To: Before you do anything, lubricate! Lie on your back and have your partner enter SLOWLY. Make sure to maintain eye contact and communicate. Intense eye contact while doing anal allows for a new level of sexual intimacy: trust. 


Best Solo and Oral Positions


Nalone Rabbit

For those of you embracing your independence this V-Day,I highly recommend not only getting yourself some chocolates, but a Rabbit Vibrator ( has some cheap Nalone Rabbit Vibrator knockoffs).


I recently invested in my first vibrator and let me tell you, the best way to get off on your own is to have both vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Rabbit Vibrator does both for you. 


The Spiderman

This position is actually one of my favorites; I think it is insanely hot. If you get the angle right, this position allows for easier deepthroating. 

How To: Lay supine on an elevated flat surface with your head hanging off the edge. Have your partner enter your mouth standing up and voila` -- instant porn start status. 


Backdoor Planking with Tongue 

This position is good if you are tired of being eaten out while lying on your back. This also allows your partner to hold onto your bum more often as well as bury their face in it.

How To: Lie on your stomach and spread your legs enough (or even bend one leg out and slightly towards your shoulder) for your partner to get their mouth close and personal. If your open to it, tell you partner to 'toss your salad' while their at it. 


Have a fabulous Valentine's Day and remember: the best gift you can give someone is an orgasm. 



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