Patrick Taggart ‘17

Name: Patrick Taggart

Age: 19

Major: Physical Therapy

Hometown: New City, New York

Relationship Status: In a relationship for over 3 years now

Hobbies: Lifting, running, cars and being a personal trainer

Celebrity crush: Hands down, Katy Perry

Favorite quote: “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Favorite foods: Steak, sushi and pizza

What do you notice first about a girl?: Her eyes.  [I'm a] total sucker for blue eyes.

Ideal date: A trip to NYC, like a dinner cruise or a Broadway play

Biggest turn ons: Confidence, a sense of humor and being physically fit or in shape

Biggest turn offs: Arrogance, being judgmental and being stuck up

Nicest thing you’ve done for a girl: I honestly believe the nicest thing any guy can do for a girl is treat her right; make her feel special and always be there for her.  But I did tell my girlfriend I wouldn’t be able to make it home for her birthday because of work and then surprised her at home.  She cried.  The gold locket was probably appreciated too.

If you were a T-shirt, what would you say?: "Sore today, strong tomorrow"

Three best personality traits: People say I’m nice, smart and have a good sense of humor.

Three best physical features: Girls seem to like I’m 6’2”, 197 pounds at 9% body fat.  Oh, and my hair.

Favorite thing about QU: My fraternity Pi Kappa Phi.  Nothing [else] has made my time here more memorable.

Most embarrassing moment at QU: Learning you can see into the showers in Hill, but you cannot see out…

Favorite sports team at QU: Brave hockey

Fun facts: I lost 122 pounds, which is kind of neat.  I had hair down past my shoulders for a while.  I like county music and watch too much Netflix.  I play guitar. too.

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