How to Stay Active During the Winter

When I think winter, I think skiing, snow, cold, and hot chocolate. I also think burrowing underneath my covers and hibernating. However, while hibernating is nice, it can get boring. When you aren’t snuggled up in bed, here are some of my ideas for staying active and happy during the cold winter months.

  1. Going to the gym.

It can be very difficult to motivate yourself to work out in the winter, but in the end, it’s so worth it. Seasonal depression is something that comes out in the winter; the cold and dreary weather can have you feeling down. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! (Did you get my Legally Blonde reference? Ha Ha ). Even if it’s just twenty minutes on the elliptical or some sit-ups in your dorm room, it can make all the difference.

  1. Take up a winter sport.

I have been skiing ever since I was 5. There are several benefits that come with it; you burn a lot of calories, you’re with nature and breathing in fresh air, and it’s just so much fun.  Snowshoeing is also a fun option (I own a pair of pink ones and they're awesome!). If you’re getting bored with your gym routine, taking up a winter sport such as skiing or snowshoeing is a great alternative.

  1. Focus on the positive.

Winter has its positives and negatives. Instead of complaining so much about how cold it is (it’s so easy to do, I know. I’m from upstate New York), hone in on what you like about winter. I personally enjoy skiing, taking pretty winter photos, and the cute winter apparel. Focus on what makes you smile, collegiettes!

  1. Clean your dorm room.

Sometimes, the stress of class and your social life can take a toll on your living space. Keeping your room organized is an easy trick to stay active during the winter and actually causes you less stress. If your space is organized, your life can suddenly feel organized, too.

  1. Google Image pictures of the beach.

Planning on going on vacation over Spring Break? In your free time, look up pictures of the beach or resort you’re going to so you know you have something to look forward to. However, if you’re not going anywhere like me, looking at pictures of the beach online can put you in a better mood.

  1. Do one thing you enjoy every day.

It’s hard to not get caught up in the rush and stress of schoolwork. Doing something you enjoy once a day and allowing yourself to breathe and relax can boost your attitude significantly. Something as simple as painting your nails, watching a YouTube video or a show on Netflix, or even calling your parents or a friend can make an important, positive difference overall.

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